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The unit of competency SITHFAB201: Provide responsible service of alcohol is a nationally recognised unit of competency and is part of the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Package under the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

Course duration:

Please allow approximately 4-5 hours to complete this course and the related assessments.

The unit of competency will teach you to:

  • Identify customers to whom service should be refused.
  • Prepare and serve alcoholic beverages responsibly.
  • Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits.
  • Assist alcohol affected customers.

This provide Responsible Service of Alcohol training program was developed under the direction of the Queensland Liquor Licensing Division and meets the Division’s requirements in relation to training in the provision of Responsible Service of Alcohol while still meeting the requirements for national accreditation. Responsible Service of Alcohol training is required for all staff serving alcoholic beverages.

Knowledge and skills from this course:

  • Your ability to apply the requirements of responsible service of alcohol legislation to beverage service situations.
  • Your understanding of the consequences of non compliance in relation to the legislation on the business and individual staff members.
  • Your ability to apply the knowledge of Responsible Service of Alcohol and harm minimization to beverage service situations.
  • Assessment for this course:
    Once you have completed the course, you will need to complete the final assessment tasks, including the following:
    • The Video Case Study Assessment will present several short video clips and ask a series of questions about what you observed, what you would say and what you would do.
    • The Case Study Assessment will present several short case studies and ask similar questions about what you would say and do in that scenario.
    • The Knowledge Assessment will ask you a series of quiz-style questions to demonstrate your understanding of responsible service of alcohol.

Some common occupations for workers in the hospitality industry who may serve alcoholic beverages are:

  • Bus Person/Bussy.
  • Cellar Hand.
  • Food and Beverage Attendant.
  • Bar Attendant.
  • Bottle Shop Attendant.
  • Host / Hostess.
  • Cocktail Bar Attendant.
  • Sommelier (wine steward).
  • Room Service Staff.
  • Glass Collectors.

The information provided in the course will help you understand the role of your employers in complying with the legislation and your role and responsibilities when serving drinks containing alcohol to patrons.

Please note that this course is applicable to participants in all states with the following exceptions. New South Wales and Tasmania have specific training requirements; people from these states need to undertake the training approved by the relevant regulatory body. People working with packaged liquor and intending licensees in Victoria need to do the Victorian Liquor Licensing Certificate or can have completed an interstate recognised certificate and follow it up with the free Victorian online refresher course.

Language, Literacy or Numeracy Skills (LLN)

Students will need to have sound English language, literacy and numeracy skills in order to complete the course and assessments. If a student is unsure whether they have the minimum language, literacy or numeracy skills to complete one of our courses, they can take an LLN pre-training assessment here before they enrol in the course. The test will help the student to check whether they can read, write, calculate or speak well enough to do the training and assessment.

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