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Do Drinkers Live Longer?

The issue of whether or not drinking alcohol is beneficial to your health is a contentious one with alot of conflicting research, some suggesting that moderate consumption can extend life by benefiting the heart and others suggesting that there is no safe alcohol levels. Moderate drinking which is described as between 2 and 7 glasses […]

Wine Drinkers Choose Their Best Wine in the World

According to the popular wine app, Vivino which has 35 million subscribers worldwide, the best wine in the world is the Scarecrow Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 from Napa Valley in California. The revelation was based on the apps data mining of 40 million reviews and 120 million ratings posted by users last year. Although you and […]

Understanding What It Takes to Make Organic Wine

We all know the importance of eating organic food but what about organic wine? What exactly makes a wine truly organic and is it really important? Organic wine has to do with the way the grapes are farmed, with no herbicides and pesticides used. Instead farmers use nature and composts to create natural ecosystems. It’s […]

Winemakers Swap Grapes for Cherries

NSW Winemakers are cashing in on the region’s abundant cherry harvests by creating a wine that’s made not with grapes but cherries. Winemaker Terrry Mulligan got the idea to make cherry wine at his Young based winery after the annual cherry festival years ago. The festive takes place in the town each year. He explained […]

Tips To Alcohol-Free Travel

Have you considered going alcohol free on your next holiday, not only for your safety but also who wants to waste time nursing a hangover when they’re on holiday. A recent article on Abc.net.au gave some advice for people who want to have a good time on holiday minus the alcohol. Develop a strategy to […]

Global Wine Production Hits 15 Year High

Wine remains our favourite tipple (in terms of consumption volumes) and the good news is that there is no shortage in sight, in fact wine output globally saw a year-on-year surge of 17 per cent in 2018, reaching the highest level in 15 years. A report by the International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV), […]

Sydney’s Sparkling Wine Festival Scheduled for May

May is a going to be a good month for alcohol lovers with Melbourne hosting the Good Beer Week and Sydney hosting The Sparkling Wine Festival. Wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Australia so this event celebrating the best sparkling wine offerings is sure to be a hit. The Sydney Sparkling Wine Festival […]

Californian Winery Making Rose’ Vodka

As if we don’t have enough flavours of vodka on the market already, a California based winery is now making a rose’ vodka. The drink apparently tastes like a rose’ but with higher proof or vodka watered down with rose’ wine. The drink is apparently crisp, fruity and has floral notes, “leaving a slight bubblegum […]

The Key Segments of the Australian Wine Drinker

According to the latest Australian Portraits 2019 report released by Wine Intelligence, there are 6 segments of Australian wine drinkers, related to their wine buying and consumption, they are: Engaged Explorers, Social Newbies, Mainstream Matures, Contented Treaters, Senior Bargain Hunters and Kitchen Casuals. The 2 segments that have experienced the most changes since the last […]