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220 Year Old Yeast Used to Create Shipwreck Beer

A shipwrecked brew made with yeast from a 1796 merchant ship has finally reached its destination, more than 200 years later. The brew which was contained on a ship in 1796 left Calcutta, India for Sydney with rum, wine and beer, more than 30,000 litres of it. The ship ran aground in 1797 just north-east […]

Three Minutes to A Chilled Bottle of Wine

So you forgot about those guests that you invited over for dinner and are now knocking at your door? Don’t panic it is possible to serve them a chilled glass of wine. In fact did you know that it’s possible to chill a bottle of wine in just 3 minutes? According to wine expert and […]

Will Booze Destroy Your Diet?

So it’s the 4th month of the year and the diet you started at the beginning of 2018 is going strong but you just can’t stop craving a drink, is this going to crash your diet? Most weight loss programs don’t allow drinking even if its a light gin and tonic with a squeeze of […]

Calls for Health Warning Labels on Alcohol Bottles

According to a study by the National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) at Western Australia’s Curtin University nearly 6000 Australians die each year because of alcohol-related diseases, which is why some groups are pushing for mandatory health warning labels on alcohol bottles. An estimated 5785 people over the age of 15 died from alcohol-related illnesses in […]

NSW Doctors Warn You Could Have Alcohol Problem

Doctors have warned that you could be an alcoholic even if you have only 2 drinks a day. The Australian Medical Association doctors have warned that there may be people drinking 2 glasses of wine a night who have “chronic alcoholism”. The findings were recently reported in the media that 27 per cent of people […]

Hotel Fights Back with $5 Beers

What has been dubbed the “beer war” in Perth has seen many pubs and bars drop their prices to attract drinkers. In fact the latest establishment to drop its pint prices is the Claremont Hotel, offering $5 pints of Wild Yak as a one off promotion for its Sunday session. The venue already has $5 […]

Beer or Wine for The Weight Conscious

We’ve all heard that drinking wine or beer in moderation is good for your health, helping your heart and lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes and gallstones. Regardless of what you eat or drink, too many calories will cause you to gain weight. It’s important to know the calorie count of your favourite wines […]

A List of Heart Healthy Wines

Research has long told us that drinking wine in moderation is good for your health and your heart in particular but with all the wines out there which ones should we be leaning towards if we want to benefit our cardiovascular health. Grapes are renowned for their antioxidants which lower the risk of heart disease […]

Excessive Wine’s Impact on Your Cholesterol

We’ve all heard about the benefits of moderate consumption of wine but what happens if we drink too much, does this affect your cholesterol? High density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol moves cholesterol to your liver and low density lipoprotein (LDL) is commonly known as bad cholesterol and moves it to your arteries where  it […]


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