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The Price of Beer Being Pushed Up by Climate Change

A new scientific study suggests that drought has affected regions where barley is grown, causing a steep rise in the cost of beer. According to a paper published in the journal Nature Plants, many barley producing regions have been hard hit by the arid conditions, blamed on climate change. While beer is the most popular […]

Pet Wine is Now a Thing

Pet wine is now a thing, so you’re best mate doesn’t have to miss out the next time you’re having a party or just winding down with a glass of wine at the end of the day. This pet wine is loved by dogs and cat, but don’t worry it wont give them a hangover […]

The Truth about Wine’s Impact on Your SKin

Although the health benefits of wine have been well documented, if you’re trying to clear up your skin you may want to go easy on it. According to a new study, wine may actually be the worst of all alcoholic drinks for your skin, even though it may be good for your heart. Dr Mark […]

Do You Drink More Than The Average Australian?

According to statistics we only drink about 72 per cent as much alcohol per person as they did in the 1970s. When it comes to beer, we drink only 40 per cent of what they did back then. What has increased, is our love of wine. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that 21 per […]

A Sommelier Tells Us How We Should be Drinking Wine

In a post on popular website Popsugar.com.au the writer gives us some advice on how we should be drinking wine, according to a professional sommelier, The writer highlights the 5 S method of tasting, See: Examine the colour by holding up the glass against a backdrop at a 45 degree angle. Swirl:This will let out […]

How to Drink and Still Keep Your Liver Healthy

While a glass of rose a day may make you seem cool, you could actually be doing damage to your liver. If you want to keep your liver healthy while still enjoying a glass of wine now and then, follow these rules Eat a healthy balanced diet. Drink moderately and always stick to the recommended […]

People Turn to Wine in a Can for Convenience

Apparently the demand for convenience is propelling wine in a can, with a huge increase in consumer acceptance experienced in the US recently. According to David Messum, an ambassador for the Drinks Collective Show, the demand for wine in a can is growing even in Australia with consumers seeking more convenience. Messum runs a wine […]


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