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Should You Drink Alcohol on Low-carb Diet?

If you’re trying to get your summer body ready with a low-carb diet, you may be wondering whether your Friday night visits to the local bar are still okay? These diets usually involve avoiding high carbohydrate containing foods like refined grains, starchy vegetables and legumes and instead consuming mostly healthy fats and proteins. There is […]

The Benefits of Drinking Whisky

Drinking whisky can actually benefit your life and some centennials swear by a shot a day. So here’s why you should be drinking whisky, other than it’s delicious (but acquired) taste. 1. Moderate alcohol consumption is good for your brain health and can actually lower your risk of developing dementia. 2. It can help calm […]

Get Ready for Whisky Month in August

August is whiskey month at bars and clubs around Australia so the focus will be on whiskey or whisky – whichever way you prefer to spell it. The aim is to get more people drinking whisky and one way to do this, is by educating people about the drink. Those in the hospitality industry looking […]

What You Should Know About Whisky Drinking

If you want to get started not just drinking whisky but enjoying it, a recent article on Lifehacker.com.au can help. What whisky you drink will depend on how much you’re willing to spend. Obviously the best whisky can be pretty pricey. Experts such as Macallan’s Manager of Brand Education, Charlie Whitfield, says blended scotch is […]

Why You Should Drink Whiskey on the Rocks

If you’re one of those people who think ice ruins a drink or that whiskey is best consumed neat, you may be surprised to learn that scientists think differently. According to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, ice can make your drink taste better. The report says the key flavour ingredient in whiskey […]

A traditional take on a Whisky Cocktail

So you may be a lover of whisky but have become bored with the same old whisky cocktails all the time. Here’s a cool whisky cocktail from the Prohibition era which is an unfamiliar classic. This whisky cocktail has the depth and flavour you’d expect from a cocktail of whisky, vermouth and grenadine. Here’s how […]

Organic Whisky Comes to Australia

Organic whisky from the American KOVAL distillery is being distributed in Australia and includes the brand’s Bourbon, Four Grain, Rye and Millet. KOVAL Bourbon is organic and naturally gluten-free, comprising mostly of corn an millet. In addition to being certified organic, all whiskies are also kosher. Recently Australians’ drinking preferences have shifted towards more high […]

Try These Campside Cocktails

If you thought you couldn’t enjoy a cocktail when you go camping, think again. Just because you can’t carrying alot of stuff, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on taste. In this video you’ll get an idea of how to make popular but simple cocktails that you wouldn’t think you could enjoy around a […]

Watch Scotch Experts Review Cheap Whisky

If you’re broke by this time of the year, after partying a bit too much over December and New Years, then you may be forced to celebrate Australia Day with a cheaper alcohol than you’re used to. In this video scotch experts try cheap whiskey for the first time.