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How To Make Clear Ice

If you’ve never made clear ice for your cocktails before, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Although this is considered an advanced technique, you can learn how from this video and impress your friends or patrons with elegant drinks.

Different Alcohols Have Different Effects on Your Mood

Does gin make you sad, vodka make you violent and champagne make you happy? Well many people believe different alcoholic drinks affect their moods differently but is there any science to back this up? Well according to experts, the mood alcohol induces has more to do with the drinkers’ pre-existing mood prior to drinking and […]

People Taste Test Vodka Fruit

Ever wondered which fruit taste best when infused with alcohol. Many drinkers love Sangria and other alcohol infused fruits, but what about vodka? Which fruits taste good when infused with vodka and which one’s make drinkers want to hurl? Let’s watch this video to find out,

Another Super Premium Brand Makes Its Way to Our Shores

If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that Russians know their vodka. Now Australians can enjoy the super-premium Russian vodka brand – Beluga which just launched into the Australian market. Celebrating its 115th anniversary Beluga has launched Beluga Celebration, a 40 per cent ABV vodka. The drink comes in a limited edition gold […]

Vodka Cocktails: How-to Video

Vodka is undoubtedly one of the most popular, if not the most popular spirit in the world but it can become boring to drink it the same way all time. Here are 6 easy vodka cocktails to add to your repertoire to spice up you drinking life.

A Delicious Use of Ginger Beer – The Moscow Mule

Whether you’re patrons are consuming beer, hard liquor or cocktail after cocktail, it’s important to ensure you’re abiding by Responsible Service of Alcohol principles. RSA training is mandatory for all servers of alcohol to ensure that they do not serve alcohol in excess or to minors, that includes serving alcoholic cocktails. Once you have your […]

Learn to Love Vodka

Spirits have been growing in popularity, for consumption neat or with a mixer. Vodka is one of those spirits that have built up a real following. If you’re tired of the same old vodka drinks, try one of these cocktails, its sure to impress the vodka officionados as well as newbies.