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Don’t Try Freezing Your Vodka

Apparently freezing your vodka isn’t such a good idea after all. While we’ve been placing our vodka in the freezer for years, an expert now says putting your vodka in the freezer only dulls its flavour. Grey Goose creator Francois Thibault, sticking vodka in the freezer is the number one mistake people make with vodka. […]

Should You Drink Alcohol on Low-carb Diet?

If you’re trying to get your summer body ready with a low-carb diet, you may be wondering whether your Friday night visits to the local bar are still okay? These diets usually involve avoiding high carbohydrate containing foods like refined grains, starchy vegetables and legumes and instead consuming mostly healthy fats and proteins. There is […]

10 Things You Never Knew about Absolut Vodka

Whether you’re a fan of vodka or not, you’ve probably heard of Absolut – an alcohol brand with a hugely successful marketing campaign. Here are some things you probably haven’t heard about the brand before, Andy Warhol is responsible for the first of those artsy ads that propelled the brand. It’s no surprise the brand […]

How to Make Cool Sweetheart Jello Shots

If you want to add a special touch to your next party, why not try these cute sweetheart jello shots, you can even customise them to suit your theme. These jello shots are so cute and delicious yet ridiculously easy to make, they’re sure to be the hit of the party. Watch the video below […]

The Worst Alcoholic Drinks for Your Skin

It’s finally holiday season again and for most of us that means drinking, usually alot of it but too much drinking or drinking more than usual can actually cause havoc on the skin. Here’s how 7 common alcoholic drinks affect your skin negatively. Tequila – tequila has the least sugar so it should have the […]

Easy Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Here are some easy vodka drinks to make as a night cap or to wind down at the end of the day. Because vodka is the star of these cocktails, you don’t have to worry about that headache that you so often experience when you drink dark spirits like rum.

Turning Vodka into Gin

Gin is a grain or malt spirit distilled with juniper, resulting in its distinct flavour. Here’s a cool way to turn vodka into a fresh compound gin, using a few ingredients. You can use the resulting gin to make a delicious gin and tonic cocktail.