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Vodka Cocktails to Try at Home

Vodka is the perfect spirit to base your cocktails upon because it’s a fairly neutral flavour, meaning you really get creative with your creations. In case you need some inspiration, here are 5 quick and easy vodka cocktails to make today!

Five Classic Gin Cocktails in Five Minutes

Gin is the spirit of the moment, after falling out of fashion for a while. Gin is no longer your grandmothers spirit. It is now popular amongst the hipsters and the ‘in’ crowd’ so if you want to get on the gin bandwagon here are 5 classic gin cocktails you try in 5 minutes.

These Celeb Alcohol Brands Are Actually Good

It seems as though celebrities are selling everything and anything these days from clothing to food brands but there’s nothing celebrities love promoting more than their alcoholic brands. Here are some of the best celebrity alcoholic drinks, Aviation Gin from Ryan Reynolds The Deadpool actor has created a gin with a distinctly American flavour in […]

Cannabis Flavoured Vodka Makes its Debut

A number of countries are beginning to review their marijuana policies and one vodka brand is jumping on the cannabis bandwagon by producing a cannabis vodka. The drink is made with 100% natural cannabis terpenes to flavour the vodka so it doesn’t have the same psychoactive or medicinal properties that people usually take marijuana for. […]

Californian Winery Making Rose’ Vodka

As if we don’t have enough flavours of vodka on the market already, a California based winery is now making a rose’ vodka. The drink apparently tastes like a rose’ but with higher proof or vodka watered down with rose’ wine. The drink is apparently crisp, fruity and has floral notes, “leaving a slight bubblegum […]

Mums Message After Daughters Lethal Vodka Experiment

Paris Kamper was a vibrant 15 year old teen who died after experimenting with alcohol. Her heartbroken mother has a message after the tragic death, warning other parents of the risks of social media and it’s influence, and excessive drinking. The tragedy occurred in June when Paris went outside to play with the family dogs […]