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Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Enjoy Throughout Summer

If your resolution is to drink more responsibly this year, you may want to opt for more low alcohol cocktails that can be enjoyed throughout Summer and even into Autumn. Some of the best low alcohol cocktails include low alcohol beer Rosemary and bitters mimosa Riesling spritz Mojito mocktail Vermouth Aperol Float Read more at: […]

A traditional take on a Whisky Cocktail

So you may be a lover of whisky but have become bored with the same old whisky cocktails all the time. Here’s a cool whisky cocktail from the Prohibition era which is an unfamiliar classic. This whisky cocktail has the depth and flavour you’d expect from a cocktail of whisky, vermouth and grenadine. Here’s how […]

Vermouth Lessons – Hospitality Masterclass

According to DanMurphys.com.au vermouth has gone from an ancient medicine to modern day mixer. According to the website Hippocrates prescribed a Vermouth-like draught for jaundice and rheumatism as early as 400 BC. Nowadays vermouth is more of a hip wine equivalent. If you’ve never really learnt about this growing drinking craze, watch this Vermouth hospitality masterclass […]

How to Take Vermouth to The Next Level

Vermouth is often considered an  older person’s drink, but recently there’s been a revolution taking place. Young people are starting to enjoy this old favourite wine once again. If you’ve never jumped on the vermouth bandwagon before, this is the perfect way to ease your tastebuds in – with a cocktail. In this video there […]