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ALSA Responds to Underage Service Claim

Part of Responsible Service of Alcohol means not serving or selling alcohol to minors and asking for IDs to prove that customers are the age they say. Yet a professor at Curtin University claims that at least half of young people find it easy to buy alcohol. He was speaking on ABC’s Radio National. Professor Mike Daube said […]

Alcohol Advertising Targeting Children According to Study

The damage that alcohol can do young people is a topic that is particularly relevant to workers in the RSA industry because they play such an important role in making sure minors don’t get their hands on alcohol. Anyone whose work involves selling or serving alcohol to the public, need to consider the negative effects […]

Hidden Camera Reveals Underage Drinking

I recently found an interesting story that parallels the situation we are currently faced with in O, regarding underage drinking. A hidden camera investigation was carried out in a Canadian restaurant which revealed that underage drinking is a problem in that country as well. Australia is not the only country battling to come to a […]

Retailers Crack Down on Underage Liquor Buying

Crack Down on Underage School Liquor Buying Liquor retailers have been receiving a lot of criticism lately because of their sale of alcohol to underage minors. Now retailers are doing something about it by hiring special staff to police their stores for underage school leavers attempting to obtain alcohol during Schoolies Week. Hot spots have […]

Prosecutions for Underage Drinking

(Photo: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net) A case that may interest alcohol servers in Oz recently occurred in Kansas City. A middle aged woman was sentenced to 2 years of probation and 40 hours of community service after she served alcohol to a minor who was later involved in a fatal car crash. The woman […]


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