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How Your Body Reacts When You Give Up Alcohol

If you’ve noticed your drinking getting out of control, you may want to consider refraining, at least for a little while. If you do, here are some of the changes in your body that you can expect to see: Mental Effects – According to Dr. Duy Nguyen, a psychiatrist at Beachway Therapy in Florida, by […]

Try This Anti-Hangover Cocktail

Advertised as an “anti-hangover” cocktail, this low calorie tequila punch is great for those watching their weight and as a bonus you can avoid the nasty hangover effects the following morning. Watch the video on how its made and then give it a try yourself.

Should You Drink Alcohol on Low-carb Diet?

If you’re trying to get your summer body ready with a low-carb diet, you may be wondering whether your Friday night visits to the local bar are still okay? These diets usually involve avoiding high carbohydrate containing foods like refined grains, starchy vegetables and legumes and instead consuming mostly healthy fats and proteins. There is […]

Easy Tequila Cocktails

Tequila cocktails can be just as suave and sophisticated as whisky cocktails. Just watch this video and see. Here are 3 sophisticated tequila cocktails for the discerning gent or lady.

Different Alcohols Have Different Effects on Your Mood

Does gin make you sad, vodka make you violent and champagne make you happy? Well many people believe different alcoholic drinks affect their moods differently but is there any science to back this up? Well according to experts, the mood alcohol induces has more to do with the drinkers’ pre-existing mood prior to drinking and […]

Cheap versus Expensive Tequila – Taste Test

Tequila is growing in popularity in Australia but are the expensive varieties we see being imported from Mexico really worth the cost? According to experts the best tequila comes exclusively from certain regions in Mexico and is made of only blue agave plant, but to the untrained palate is there really any difference in taste? […]

There’s more to Mexican Alcohol than Tequila

Maybe you weren’t aware but Mexico’s first alcoholic offering wasn’t tequila, it was a more smoky tasting drink called Mezcal. Recently Mezcal has been gaining in popularity around the world and nowadays you can probably find it at the best bars in the country. There are some similarities with tequila, for example its also made […]

Cheap Versus Expensive Tequila

While tequila may be an acquired taste for many, there are some people who take  their tequila drinking very seriously. But is it really worth the extra cash you fork out for that top shelf brand? Let’s watch this video to find out.