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What Happens to Your Body During Dry July

Ever wondered what impact Dry July really has on your body? Although the Dry July Challenge is actually a bid to raise money for cancer, many people are adopting the concept of Dry July to help them control their drinking and to ‘detox’ but is there any value to it? The campaign began in 2008 […]

Get Ready for Whisky Month in August

August is whiskey month at bars and clubs around Australia so the focus will be on whiskey or whisky – whichever way you prefer to spell it. The aim is to get more people drinking whisky and one way to do this, is by educating people about the drink. Those in the hospitality industry looking […]

Most Expensive Places in The World to Drink

New research has revealed that Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world to buy alcohol. The comparison website Finder.com.au revealed the average cost of a beer in 177 cities. The most expensive city to buy a beer is Dubai, where a pint will set you back $15.10. In Sydney you’ll pay […]

Study Suggests A Glass of Wine a Day Could Prevent Alzheimers

Recent research has revealed that a good night’s rest, exercise and 25ml of wine a day can lower your Alzheimer’s risk. According to Dr Ian Harrison from University College London, Alzheimers is caused by failure of the brain’s self-cleaning system (glymphatic system) which allows a toxic build-up of proteins to develop on the brain, killing […]

Amazing Cocktails at Melbourne Bar

Melbourne is known for it’s nurturing of artists and creativity so these ‘crazy’ cocktails being served up by Melbourne publicans is no surprise. If you’re in Melbourne, why not skip dessert and opt for one of these delicious creations instead?

Why Alcohol and Sport or Exercise Don’t Mix

Having a drink after a game has become common place for most Australians that play sport, even professional athletes. But is this drinking after physical activity good for you? A recent article on TheConversation.com says drinking after exercising is a bad idea, especially very strenuous activity. The writer highlights that high intensity activity such as […]

New Study Shows Moderate Alcohol Really Does Benefit The Heart

Despite conflicting opinions, it appears alcohol really is good for you, as long as it is consumed in moderation. According to a new research from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil the enzyme responsible for making moderate alcohol consumption good for the heard has been identified – ALDH2. The study, in partnership with scientists […]


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