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Club Forced to Close due to RSA Breaches

The consequences of breaching Responsible Service of Alcohol laws have been demonstrated by an incident which took place at the Wagga Wagga Boat Club at Lake Albert. Police say they were forced to shut down the club after they discovered more than 200 licensing breaches relating to responsible alcohol service during a single inspection. The […]

Study Disproves Theory that Alcohol leads to Depression

According to a group of Western Australian scientists, alcohol consumption does not lead to depression as previously assumed. The scientists discovered that there was no truth to theory that alcohol causes people to become depressed. The discovery was made following a study of 3873 elderly men conducted over a period of 3 years as part […]

Sydney Panel to make Suggestions on State’s Nightlife

Sydney will hopefully become less violence infested since the foundation of a panel to make suggestions on issues affecting Sydney’s nightlife has been announced. The jury of more than 40 citizens is going to be empanelled with the task of tackling the issue of alcohol fuelled violence plaguing Sydney’s streets. The panel is a joint […]

Why so many road crashes are caused by Alcohol

It seems that drink driving is one of those problems that is universal, no matter where you go in the world you will probably find drink drivers, in some places the problem may be worse than in others. Recently in New Zealand a woman was killed in an early morning crash which left another 3 […]

NSW Fines low but Drivers still drink driving

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/11/04/3056724.htm?site=sydney A police officer issues a breathalyser test to a passing motorist Despite the best efforts of police, the number of drink drivers in NSW is still alarmingly high and authorities are concerned. Dubbo police have expressed their disappointment over catching drivers with high levels of alcohol in their blood. On an article on […]

Kings Cross Hotels Resist Trial to Reduce Alcohol Violence

According to an article on Smh.com.au Kings Cross hoteliers are pushing to restrict the introduction of a new system of identity scanners in their venues which is required under a state government initiative to curb alcohol fuelled violence after the tragic murder of Thomas Kelly in the district last year. The identity scanners are supposed […]

Can Regular Drinking be Harmful to Women?

By now we all know that pregnant women should refrain from alcohol but can regular drinking be harmful to other women as well? According to some experts having that glass of wine at the end of the day may not have much effect on you now but it could resurface in the form of a […]

Discovering What Type of Drinker you are

According to new VicHealth research which examined the state’s alcohol culture drinkers can be categorised according to their drinking habits. The research attempted to put the states alcohol culture under the microscope to examine it in a non-judgemental way to determine why alcohol is such a central part of people’s lives. The research is aimed […]

Focus on Making our Streets Safe Again

Police in Queensland are doing their best to keep Queensland’s city streets safe over the weekend and as we approach the Christmas holiday season. In this light they have issued a stern warning to partygoers and revellers to behave, or face the consequences. The latest in the police’s operations was an operation dubbed “Operation Lima” […]