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Fears that Non-violent Venues Unfairly Penalised by New Laws

I recently came across an article on Smh.com.au which discussed the so-called ‘epidemic’ of alcohol fuelled misconduct and assaults in particular. The writer of the post questioned the validity of calling the problem an epidemic, providing statistics from an independent report into the 5 year statutory review of liquor laws. According to the report there […]

Dubbo Police Break-up Wild Alcohol Filled Party

Undoubtedly the people most at risk of being the victims of alcohol fuelled harm as well the biggest perpetrators are young people. A man was arrested at Narromine after assaulting a police officer and an out-of-control part involving more than 100 people had to be broken up. According to reports police were generally satisfied with […]

Drink Drivers Arrested During Operation Unite

Alcohol related violence and drunken behaviour have been getting a lot of attention recently particularly in the aftermath of Operation Unite but another alcohol fuelled social issue which was identified as problematic during the blitz is drink driving. The police across Australia, in all states embarked on the blitz on alcohol fuelled misconduct and made […]

End to Booze Filled Weekend in NSW

Last weekend was an eye opener for anyone who didn’t know the extent of the alcohol fuelled violence across the country. According to the police who embarked on the country-wide blitz last weekend, a person was arrested every 3 minutes across the state of NSW during the blitz on booze-filled violence. Senior NSW detectives involved […]

Club Forced to Close due to RSA Breaches

The consequences of breaching Responsible Service of Alcohol laws have been demonstrated by an incident which took place at the Wagga Wagga Boat Club at Lake Albert. Police say they were forced to shut down the club after they discovered more than 200 licensing breaches relating to responsible alcohol service during a single inspection. The […]


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