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Working Private Events With Portable Bars

Portable bars are actually a large part of the industry and are needed for private events such as weddings or get-togethers that people may be having. So to get into the portable bar industry, you need to first complete the RSA Course, and check out this video to pick your perfect portable bar! This kind […]

The Basic Bar Manouvers – RSA Course Necessities

There are several necessities that are crucial to a bars success, and of course, the first of which is bar safety which is taught in the RSA Course, and the second necessity is that you are able to perform basic bar maneuvers which are needed for creating cocktails (basic ones). The RSA Course cannot teach […]

The Jolly Rancher

The Jolly Rancher is a different and exciting cocktail mix.  Check out the video below on how to make one! To be able to serve this kind of fun drink behind a bar, you first need to get online and complete the responsible service of alcohol course to work in any bar or liquor serving […]

The Three Main Types of Beer

There are three main types of beer that you can usually choose from in a bar, but usually you won’t have to make the decision because you will just go with a brand that you like. The three main types of beer are : Lagers – Ferments in the cold and sinks to the bottom […]

Bar Tending Duties – RSA Course Online

If you are thinking of working as a bar tender then there are a few things that you should know about what you will have to do and what duties you have, these are not taught in the RSA Course online, unless they are to do with the safety of the patrons you are serving. […]

Cheap Drinks!

Cheap drinks are always a favorite and people tend to love them simply because they don’t affect their wallet as much and still get them to the appropriate level of relaxation they want to achieve! Remember, though that the RSA course does not condone drinking for the sake of getting drunk, and instead teaches you […]


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