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Are Women More likely to Suffer from Alcohol Blues?

It is generally accepted that women are the more emotional sex but now research shows that they may be more emotional drinkers as well. According to research conducted at the University of Southern Denmark, there are happy drinkers, miserable drinkers, tearful drinkers and even angry drinkers. And it could all be determined by your gender. […]

Alcohol Fuelled Patients Clog up Ambulance Services

It appears the number of alcohol related call outs in Geelong has gotten out of control and is putting even more pressure on ambulances than any other region in Victoria, according to reports. According to an article on the Geelong Advertiser website, a report released by Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre earlier this year […]

RSA Update on Wine

Are there benefits to Wine drinking?   There has long been raging a debate as to whether or not wine presents any benefit to the health of its drinkers. Certainly a good argument has been that In ancient times when wine was the alcohol of choice people lived longer and healthier lives. In countries where […]

RSA Course Online and Dealing With Sudden Crowds

The RSA course teaches you how to serve alcohol safely and responsibly. This means there is no excuse for not serving safely, even when you feel you are swamped with work. There will be situations where a sudden crowd may appear. This could be because an event has kicked on to your bar/club, or it […]

Tips For A Smooth Running Bar

Getting to know your co workers is actually a crucial thing that ensures the safety of all patrons in the bar. The RSA course will teach you to look out for the safety of patrons who have had too much to drink, so that you can regulate their drinking and be aware of their safety. […]

Working Bar Tabs and Responsible Service of Alcohol

The responsible service of alcohol course teaches you several things that need to know about working in a bar.When you are busy keeping up with bar tabs can be difficult.  The bar tab is designed to keep your bar functioning in a faster manner, but  it complicates situations when people use other peoples bar tabs. […]

Scotch: The Whole Perspective

As we all know, we are in Autumn and are moving ever so close to Winter. You know what this means…Scotch drinking weather (apparently). The article that was published on ‘Sloshed.com’ below, describes ideal scotch weather as “Frosty nights, windy days, with an austere crispness in the air.” But as we approach these seasons, it […]