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RSA Course Update – Bar Tips

What Garnishes Do I Use?   The garnish is for setting a mood that the drink does not set on it’s own. The drink garnish is a way of saying ‘this drink resembles a part of the world’ or ‘this drink represents a lifestyle choice for me!’ So the drink garnish is actually pretty important. […]

Working Bar Tabs and Responsible Service of Alcohol

The responsible service of alcohol course teaches you several things that need to know about working in a bar.When you are busy keeping up with bar tabs can be difficult.  The bar tab is designed to keep your bar functioning in a faster manner, but  it complicates situations when people use other peoples bar tabs. […]

Some Fun Bar Items – Not in the RSA Course!

No, you wont find these kinds of fun items in the RSA Course online, but they can be useful to know about when you are working in a bar or restaurant, because fun items lead to a fun atmosphere. But then again, you always have to consider the situation, that you would probably not use […]

Complete Your RSA Course Online Today!

The RSA course online is fast and straightforward, it allows you to complete it any time at your leisure. This means that you don’t have to take a massive amount of time out of your life to attend a class on getting the RSA Certificate. So don’t waste any more time, get online and complete […]

Australian Drinking Etiquette – RSA Course

The RSA course does not teach drinking etiquette, instead it teaches how to serve safely. But don’t think that drinking can be done in any way! There is a particular etiquette to it in Australia that you may not realise, so whether you work behind a bar or visit the bar often, always remember that […]

RSA Brisbane – Service With a Smile

RSA Brisbane Teaches – Bar Tending is as Fun as You Make It On the whole, bar tending should be fun, and RSA Brisbane (and any city/state) will teach you how to have fun and serve correctly. Days should fly by, while you make new friends, and most people are happy to see you. On […]

Doing Your RSA QLD Course?

Doing Your RSA QLD Course? No No’s: Things you should never allow. People that have been drinking alcohol can be very entertaining, but remember that it is your job to not allow their antics to go too far. Being the life of the party is a blast, but when the party tries to take you […]

RSA QLD – Mix It Right

RSA QLD presents ideas in mixing Recipes are great. They give you instructions, ingredients, and even ideas about how to make drinks. But some recipes are not very specific about how to put the drink together. Words like “combine” or “mix” can leave a bartender a little confused about the best way to go about […]

RSA Brisbane – Bar Essentials

Have you done your RSA Brisbane course and need some tips for working in a bar. RSA Brisbane and Making Juice When you squeeze fresh citrus fruit, you are essentially putting enough pressure on the tiny juice sacs to cause them to burst and expel juice. Hand squeezing produces juice fastest, but produces the least […]