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Scotch: The Whole Perspective

As we all know, we are in Autumn and are moving ever so close to Winter. You know what this means…Scotch drinking weather (apparently). The article that was published on ‘Sloshed.com’ below, describes ideal scotch weather as “Frosty nights, windy days, with an austere crispness in the air.” But as we approach these seasons, it […]

Choosing Your Drink! Not in the RSA Course!

You might be asking yourself, what is ‘my drink,’ or what do i mean when i say you would have ‘your own drink.’ All that i really mean is that there are some drinks that some people really enjoy, and these can be as complex as they need to be – but you know that […]

The Cement Mixer

The cement mixer is an interesting drink that not that many people have heard of, so you should give it a try at your bar! Only after completing the RSA Course though. Remember that interesting drinks such as these can only be made behind a bar if you have your RSA certificate so jump online […]

Drinking Culture And Responsible Service of Alcohol

Drinking Culture is something that has been evolving for quite some time, and the Responsible Service of Alcohol Course teaches you how to deal with this culture. This does not mean that the Responsible Service of Alcohol course is against drinking all together, but it teaches you how to deal with people who take the […]

Using Absynthe Properly

Absynthe is renowned as one of the strongest liqueurs that you can drink, and as such it has a ‘proper’ way that you can drink it. Check out this set of instructions on how to drink it properly. Also remember to serve it safely as the RSA Course outlines. 29ml absinthe (any type) 29 ml  […]

How To Make Jelly Shots

Jelly Shots can be just the kind of fun that your party needs, so check out how to make them as they are a sweet alternative to making ordinary shots, and are an interesting/different idea. The RSA course online teaches you to serve shots like these responsibly in a bar or a restaurant, so you […]

When In Need of Bar Materials – RSA QLD

Looking For Bar Materials? The RSA Course (QLD)Can Help! No, it is not actually in the RSA Course (QLD). The course does not teach you where to get supplies from, instead it teaches you how to serve alcohol correctly (much more important)! But the fact remains that if you have your RSA certificate and are […]