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RSA Update : The Truth About Champagne

Winemakers and connoisseurs have been debating the pros and cons of screw caps over cork for a while now. Recently sparkling winemakers have begun investigating the benefits of screw caps to the industry.   According to a post by TheShout.com.au:   About 18 million bottles of Champagne are wasted each year due to cork taint, […]

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update : Police Chief Advocates Ban On Alcohol Advertising

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has cited the lack of regulation of alcohol purchases as a contributing factor to the stubbornly high volume of domestic violence cases.  The link between bottle store purchases and domestic violence has led the commissioner to advocate among other possibilities, the idea of limiting alcohol advertising on television to after 8:30pm. […]

RSA Course Update – Bar Tips

What Garnishes Do I Use?   The garnish is for setting a mood that the drink does not set on it’s own. The drink garnish is a way of saying ‘this drink resembles a part of the world’ or ‘this drink represents a lifestyle choice for me!’ So the drink garnish is actually pretty important. […]

Working Bar Tabs and Responsible Service of Alcohol

The responsible service of alcohol course teaches you several things that need to know about working in a bar.When you are busy keeping up with bar tabs can be difficult.  The bar tab is designed to keep your bar functioning in a faster manner, but  it complicates situations when people use other peoples bar tabs. […]

Making Some Interesting Drinks, With Style!

Great Recipes?   One that mixes fun and taste is an alcoholic slush, or ‘slushy.’ People love this drink because it is like an ordinary alcoholic drink but with the fun of a different texture.   Brandy Slush   One Cup of Brandy 174 ml of Frozen Lemonade 174 ml of Frozen Orange Juice One […]

Children and Alcohol Advertising

There has been a growing debate for some time now on whether or not alcohol advertising should be allowed, because people believe that it targets children and encourages them to drink at an under age level. Of course though, this is not possible at any public venue since all servers have their RSA certificate and […]