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The Spill Proof Beer

Yes i know that there is really no such thing as the spill proof beer, but this ad by Hahn makes it seem so realistic, check it out below. If only something like this really existed! But still, it is true that alcohol is really easy to spill in a busy bar, but it is […]

How To Take Tequila

There are several ways that you can drink tequila, and of course, one of them is just taking it in a shot. And of course you can just drink from a glass if you have an iron tongue. But there is always the fun way that you can do it, so check out this website […]

Drinking Culture And Responsible Service of Alcohol

Drinking Culture is something that has been evolving for quite some time, and the Responsible Service of Alcohol Course teaches you how to deal with this culture. This does not mean that the Responsible Service of Alcohol course is against drinking all together, but it teaches you how to deal with people who take the […]

Using Absynthe Properly

Absynthe is renowned as one of the strongest liqueurs that you can drink, and as such it has a ‘proper’ way that you can drink it. Check out this set of instructions on how to drink it properly. Also remember to serve it safely as the RSA Course outlines. 29ml absinthe (any type) 29 ml  […]

Top 10 Drinking Games

There are so many drinking games out there nowadays, there was even one prepared for the royal wedding a while ago. But if you would like to know of some of the favorites, check out these ones. Quarters FUBAR Arse Edward 40 Hands Power hour California Kings Flip Cup Boxing Beer pong Flip Sip or […]


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