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NSW Government Releases Fact Sheet for Licensees

The New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) recently released a fact sheet for liquor licensees detailing the reforms which were passed by Parliament last week Friday. The changes were implemented so swiftly in a large part due to the mounting pressure the government was receiving from the public to act to […]

British Study Claims Alcohol more dangerous than Heroine

A controversial new study originating in the UK claims that alcohol is more dangerous than heroine and causes more harm. Alcohol is even more harmful than heroin and crack according to the study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet. The experts involved in the study examined a variety of social, physical and psychological […]

Financial Toll of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Although we often hear of the damage done by alcohol abuse to the community and people in general, we seldom consider the huge financial toll of excessive drinking and problem drinking on the economy and on individuals. According to a recent American based study, the toll of excessive drinking in the United States is about […]

Dubbo Police Break-up Wild Alcohol Filled Party

Undoubtedly the people most at risk of being the victims of alcohol fuelled harm as well the biggest perpetrators are young people. A man was arrested at Narromine after assaulting a police officer and an out-of-control part involving more than 100 people had to be broken up. According to reports police were generally satisfied with […]

Campaign urges parents not to give their children alcohol

The issue of parents giving alcohol to their underage children has once again come under the spotlight. This time the Western Australian state government is urging parents to think about the dangers of underage drinking before supplying alcohol to their children. The state government has launched a new campaign which will feature on the radio, […]

How to Avoid Binge Drinking this Weekend

So you’re planning an evening out with your mates but usually an evening out means an evening of binge drinking and nothing but regrets the next morning. Most people don’t intend to get hammered on a night out but once you down your first few drinks, it’s like you can’t say no, somehow alcohol helps […]

Starting Your Own Bar

  It is a dream of many to own their own bar or nightclub. Why not own the place that you go to every weekend. But it can be a costly exercise for those who don’t do their homework. We provide some helpful hints from a variety of sources on how to successfully open your […]

Some Good Places To Look For Alcohol Blogs!

  It can sometimes be hard to look for useful information on alcohol and drinking it, and while the Responsible Service Of Alcohol Onlinecourse will give you information on the safety side of drinking it, you might want some more information on other aspects of the culture. So to point you in the right direction […]