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National Research Shows Aussies want Alcohol out of Sport

According to a national research study released by The Salvation Army recently, most Australians want alcohol out of sporting events. In other words most Aussies would prefer not to see alcohol advertising during sporting events but would rather have it phased out of sport completely. The Salvation Army commissioned the Roy Morgan run survey of […]

Fears that Non-violent Venues Unfairly Penalised by New Laws

I recently came across an article on Smh.com.au which discussed the so-called ‘epidemic’ of alcohol fuelled misconduct and assaults in particular. The writer of the post questioned the validity of calling the problem an epidemic, providing statistics from an independent report into the 5 year statutory review of liquor laws. According to the report there […]

Drinking Restrictions in NSW lead to lower rate of Assaults

According to the latest figures from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics (BOCSAR) assaults at licensed venues seems to be on the decline, apparently due to tougher conditions for drinkers and restrictions on licensed venues across the state. The measures are believed to be the greatest cause of the decline in alcohol related assaults according […]

Alcohol Fuelled Patients Clog up Ambulance Services

It appears the number of alcohol related call outs in Geelong has gotten out of control and is putting even more pressure on ambulances than any other region in Victoria, according to reports. According to an article on the Geelong Advertiser website, a report released by Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre earlier this year […]

Statistics Show Anti-Violence Measures Working

Good news recently emerged about the number of violent incidents occurring at venues in NSW. According to BOCSAR (NSW Bureau of Statistics, Crime and Research) figures there has been a significant reduction in violence in venues, a fact that the industry attributed to better preventative practices. The number of assaults happening on licenced premises apparently […]

Safe Drinking Checklist

A lot of people vilify alcohol because of the alcohol fuelled problems we see and read about every day in the news but the truth is alcohol is valuable to society for many reasons. Beside the social benefits (alcohol helps people unwind, relax, distress and socialize better), it boosts the economy and provides countless numbers […]