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RSA Update: Reducing Drink Driving

It seems like almost every day someone somewhere in Oz is caught for drink driving despite efforts to educate the public about the dangers of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. The most recent incident reported by www.News.com.au was of a man who was detected driving with a blood alcohol level, 4 times over […]

Can Excessive Drinking be Harmful to would-be Dads?

A recent study looked into the harm that excessive drinking can do to men and the children they have later on. WA researchers have urged men to limit their alcohol consumption before starting a family because a link has been identified between alcoholic spirits and childhood brain tumours. While the negative effects of pregnant women […]

Alcohol Promotions at NSW Events may be Banned

NSW festivals and events may never be the same again if calls for alcohol promotions and sponsorships to be banned come into effect. People travel from across the country to attend festivals and events in NSW, so this issue has relevance for everyone. Alcohol promotions and sponsorships at North Coast festivals are frequented by young […]

How do You Know When you’ve had Enough

Knowing when to quit is an important quality that we need to develop in order to become responsible drinkers. But the problem with this is that once we start drinking, the alcohol relaxes us and gives us a sense of euphoria which is difficult to quit. So the more we drink, the more we want […]

Binge Drinking Linked to Alcohol Abuse

It is no surprise that binge-drinking can lead to alcohol addiction but now there is a study that proves binge drinking may reduce the ability to control alcohol intake.   Researchers at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) conducted the experiment with rats but could have implications for better treatment of alcoholism in human beings. It […]

How to identify alcohol abuse in Teens

Although it is illegal to serve alcohol to minors, teenagers do find ways of getting around laws and some parents do allow their children drink. However this becomes problematic when teenagers develop alcohol addiction problems, which is why recognising the signs is so important.   While the symptoms can be similar or exactly the same […]

Is There Any Danger Involved in Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol

(Photo: Paul / FreeDigitalPhotos.net) Energy drinks are often used as mixers with alcohol however recently there has been some concern about the safety of these concoctions. This combination carries a number of potential dangers that drinkers should be aware of beforehand as documented by a number of researchers and scientists. Energy drinks are stimulants and […]

Alcohol and Sports. Do they mix?

So with the Olympics on everybody’s minds it crossed my mind, should athletes be drinking? It’s obvious that alcohol has an effect on ones performance while intoxicated or hung over, but are there lasting effects that could jeopardise an athlete’s ability to perform optimally in the long run.   In addition to waking up with […]

Wine Appreciation News

Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards was recently held with The Royal Mail Hotel scooping top honours. The hotel in Dunkeld in Western Victoria was found to possess the country’s best wine list. The competition was judged by a panel of 28 judges, many of which described the hotels wine list as “Exemplary”.   […]