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Making Some Interesting Drinks, With Style!

Great Recipes?   One that mixes fun and taste is an alcoholic slush, or ‘slushy.’ People love this drink because it is like an ordinary alcoholic drink but with the fun of a different texture.   Brandy Slush   One Cup of Brandy 174 ml of Frozen Lemonade 174 ml of Frozen Orange Juice One […]

A Few Reviews of Beer!

Beer is an interesting alcohol, it is highly subject to taste in the sense that some people love it and others hate it with a passion. But for all those who do actually like beer, it can be a picky process when you are choosing what to pick up from the liquor store, and you […]

How NOT to Act in a Bar!

There are a lot of things that you should not be doing in a bar, but hey, it’s hard to control yourself when you have had a bit too much isn’t it. The RSA Course works to prevent this kind of behavior, but in case this is you, make sure you work on preventing this […]

First Hand Tips for Working Behind a Bar

In the night life industry and working at bars, there are so many tips and tricks of the trade that you need to learn. But you can fast track this by checking out some videos like the one below! But remember that it is only really valid if you have your RSA certificate So get […]

The Cement Mixer

The cement mixer is an interesting drink that not that many people have heard of, so you should give it a try at your bar! Only after completing the RSA Course though. Remember that interesting drinks such as these can only be made behind a bar if you have your RSA certificate so jump online […]

Handy Ways To Open A Beer

There might be situations you face where you need to open a beer and dont have anything to open it with. This is unlikely in a bar, but when you attend a party or an event, it is ridiculously common. Obviously someone steals all the bottle openers. Anyway, this is not in the RSA course, […]

5 Quick Tips For Bartenders

5 Quick Tips for Bar Tenders RSA Training Online will teach you that bar tending can be a tricky business, so a few tips can go a long way. 1. The trick to flaming brandy is to heat both, the brandy and the glass, before you try to ignite. 2. Buy nursing shoes, your feet […]