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Adjustments to Beer and Spirit Excise

Responsible Service of Alcohol staff should be aware of changes to the beer and spirit excise which has been announced by the federal government recently. The federal government announced over the weekend that its’ half yearly increase on duty rates for alcoholic excisable goods would include an increase in beer and spirit excise as well […]

Alcohol, can we get the buzz without the side effects?

It’s a question we often ask ourselves, how can we drink and enjoy ourselves without the horrible after effects associated with a hangover? Well soon this may become a reality. “So called “healthy” alcohol may be just a few years away according to a British Professor. The professor says that we should have a drink […]

Skills Shortage Drives Up Pub Salaries

Even more good news for those looking for a new job or just wanting a change in careers, according to reports a skills shortage in the hospitality sector has driven up pub salaries – even more incentive to enter this exciting industry. But if you are contemplating switching to the hospitality sector, you will first […]

Risks Involved with Drink Driving

One of the aspects of responsible drinking is ensuring that you arrange safe transport home and do not engage in drink driving. Although most people think they can handle driving after a few drinks, countless studies (and statistics) have proven that alcohol reduces a person’s ability to drive safely. Even those who show few visible […]

RSA Staff: Avoid Prosecution by Asking for IDs

By Pretty/Ugly Design Pub and Bar staff, in fact any staff of licenced venues need to be aware of the danger of not asking patrons for proof of their age, especially patrons who look under 23. While it is often easy to overlook serving a minor when the venue is busy, extra attention must be […]

SA Pubs Concerned About Tough New Trading Conditions

New late night trading conditions have raised concern among publicans in SA. The new code is aimed at making entertainment districts a safer and healthier environment for patrons and keeping the public safe. The number of alcohol fuelled violent crimes and amount of social misconduct that occurred last year was unacceptable, with several people losing […]

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update:

10 Priciest Wines Named   An interesting post this week named the top 10 priciest wines that we would all love to get our hands on but most probably never will. For those that can, these are the kinds of wines that experienced wine drinkers and collectors would love to have aging in their cellar.  […]

RSA Course Online and Dealing With Sudden Crowds

The RSA course teaches you how to serve alcohol safely and responsibly. This means there is no excuse for not serving safely, even when you feel you are swamped with work. There will be situations where a sudden crowd may appear. This could be because an event has kicked on to your bar/club, or it […]

Starting Your Own Bar

  It is a dream of many to own their own bar or nightclub. Why not own the place that you go to every weekend. But it can be a costly exercise for those who don’t do their homework. We provide some helpful hints from a variety of sources on how to successfully open your […]

RSA Course Update – Bar Tips

What Garnishes Do I Use?   The garnish is for setting a mood that the drink does not set on it’s own. The drink garnish is a way of saying ‘this drink resembles a part of the world’ or ‘this drink represents a lifestyle choice for me!’ So the drink garnish is actually pretty important. […]