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Tips For A Smooth Running Bar

Getting to know your co workers is actually a crucial thing that ensures the safety of all patrons in the bar. The RSA course will teach you to look out for the safety of patrons who have had too much to drink, so that you can regulate their drinking and be aware of their safety. […]

Working Bar Tabs and Responsible Service of Alcohol

The responsible service of alcohol course teaches you several things that need to know about working in a bar.When you are busy keeping up with bar tabs can be difficult.  The bar tab is designed to keep your bar functioning in a faster manner, but  it complicates situations when people use other peoples bar tabs. […]

A Few Reviews of Beer!

Beer is an interesting alcohol, it is highly subject to taste in the sense that some people love it and others hate it with a passion. But for all those who do actually like beer, it can be a picky process when you are choosing what to pick up from the liquor store, and you […]

How NOT to Act in a Bar!

There are a lot of things that you should not be doing in a bar, but hey, it’s hard to control yourself when you have had a bit too much isn’t it. The RSA Course works to prevent this kind of behavior, but in case this is you, make sure you work on preventing this […]

Scotch: The Whole Perspective

As we all know, we are in Autumn and are moving ever so close to Winter. You know what this means…Scotch drinking weather (apparently). The article that was published on ‘Sloshed.com’ below, describes ideal scotch weather as “Frosty nights, windy days, with an austere crispness in the air.” But as we approach these seasons, it […]

The Behind The Back Toss

Some people like to do what is called ‘flare tending’ and it can be a real crowd pleaser. Although a lot of the time it only slows down the process at a  busy bar, but if your bar is not busy and you want it to be, try practicing this trick! But make sure you […]

Drinking Culture And Responsible Service of Alcohol

Drinking Culture is something that has been evolving for quite some time, and the Responsible Service of Alcohol Course teaches you how to deal with this culture. This does not mean that the Responsible Service of Alcohol course is against drinking all together, but it teaches you how to deal with people who take the […]