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Choosing Your Drink! Not in the RSA Course!

You might be asking yourself, what is ‘my drink,’ or what do i mean when i say you would have ‘your own drink.’ All that i really mean is that there are some drinks that some people really enjoy, and these can be as complex as they need to be – but you know that […]

The Behind The Back Toss

Some people like to do what is called ‘flare tending’ and it can be a real crowd pleaser. Although a lot of the time it only slows down the process at a  busy bar, but if your bar is not busy and you want it to be, try practicing this trick! But make sure you […]

Some Fun Bar Items – Not in the RSA Course!

No, you wont find these kinds of fun items in the RSA Course online, but they can be useful to know about when you are working in a bar or restaurant, because fun items lead to a fun atmosphere. But then again, you always have to consider the situation, that you would probably not use […]

Naming and Shaming Alcohol Ads

The government is thinking about instituting new groups to name and shame alcohol ads they believe are inducing underage drinking. This means that there will be less underage drinking. However, as a bar tender you should be able to tell if someone is underage, and it teaches you how to in the RSA Course. This […]

The Basic Bar Manouvers – RSA Course Necessities

There are several necessities that are crucial to a bars success, and of course, the first of which is bar safety which is taught in the RSA Course, and the second necessity is that you are able to perform basic bar maneuvers which are needed for creating cocktails (basic ones). The RSA Course cannot teach […]

The Spill Proof Beer

Yes i know that there is really no such thing as the spill proof beer, but this ad by Hahn makes it seem so realistic, check it out below. If only something like this really existed! But still, it is true that alcohol is really easy to spill in a busy bar, but it is […]

The Jolly Rancher

The Jolly Rancher is a different and exciting cocktail mix.  Check out the video below on how to make one! To be able to serve this kind of fun drink behind a bar, you first need to get online and complete the responsible service of alcohol course to work in any bar or liquor serving […]