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Rose Cocktails Four Ways

Rose’ has become one of the most popular wines in the world, particularly for its beautiful, trendy hue. Rose’ is a wine that incorporates some of the colour from the grapes into the wine but not as much as red wine. Here are 4 easy and delicious Rose’ cocktails, perfect for any party or to […]

Why All The Fuss Around Rose Wines?

A wine expert in the hospitality industry discusses why Rose has become such a popular tipple these days. Given the refreshing nature of Rose, it should come as no surprise that the wine is a favourite of the moment, especially in the Australian summer. But that can’t be the only reason Rose has grown in […]

Make Your Own Rose’ Candy

No rose’ wine is not made by mixing red and white wine as many people often assume. Also rose’ is the only wine that doesn’t get better with age, so if you have some leftover Rose’ here’s an excellent way to make use of it – DIY wine gummy bears. These are so delicious and […]

Try This Frozen Slush Recipe

Looking for a delicious and low calorie alcoholic treat? Why not try this frozen rose’ slushie. It’s made with fresh strawberries so it’s really healthy and low calorie. Let’s watch the video to learn how to make it,