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Residents in Country NSW Hit Hard by Alcohol

Drought is not the problem affecting residents in rural, regional and remote NSW, communities are also suffering from the harms of alcohol misuse. The NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA) has put alcohol-fuelled harm on the 2019 NSW election agenda, highlighting that the toll from alcohol is far worse outside metropolitan areas than in renowned city […]

Push to Ban $1.50 Alcohol via Afterpay

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) says at risk people are being  lured into purchasing alcohol by the extremely low upfront costs made possible by the growth of “buy now pay later” services. FARE and other health groups are calling for government intervention on  the issue and want a ban on the sale […]

The 5 Types of Problem Alcohol Drinkers

According to new research from Penn State University, there isn’t just one type of problem drinker. In fact  there are as many as 5 distinct types of problem drinker profiles. Researchers found that disordered drinking can vary from person to person. For one drinker, problem drinking may involve falling over and getting themselves in dangerous […]

Summer Responsible Alcohol Consumption Warning

Australians are being reminded to be responsible when drinking this summer especially given the mix of holidays, celebrations, hot weather and in many cases the beach, pool or some other body of water. While Australia’s alcohol consumption rates are declining, especially among the youth, older Australians are continuing to drink at high levels and put […]

Studies Claim Alcohol Helps You Live Longer

According to studies, drinking a couple of glasses of beer or wine a night could actually help you live longer, as long as you’re drinking moderately and sticking to the recommended daily limits. Researchers examined the lives of people who lived passed the age of 90 and found that there were 5 factors linked to […]

Doctors Warn About Problematic Drinking in Over Fifties

According to a New Zealand Massey University study, an alarmingly large number of older people are drinking to dangerous levels, causing concern among Australian and overseas doctors. Up to 40 per cent of older people are drinking 5 or more times weekly and binge drinking, increasing the likelihood of sickness and disease. Sadly this age […]

How Much is Too Much when it comes to Alcohol?

We’ll probably be reaching for that alcoholic drink more than usual over the holidays to help us relax, socialise and even enjoy our meals but these drinks are mostly high in calories and lacking nutrients. Too much alcohol can contribute to chronic diseases. The recommended daily limit is 2 standard drinks and it’s also recommended […]

Mums Message After Daughters Lethal Vodka Experiment

Paris Kamper was a vibrant 15 year old teen who died after experimenting with alcohol. Her heartbroken mother has a message after the tragic death, warning other parents of the risks of social media and it’s influence, and excessive drinking. The tragedy occurred in June when Paris went outside to play with the family dogs […]

The Illegal Drink Replacing Alcohol in Canada

A new drink that also happens to be illegal is replacing alcohol in Canada, in shot sized bottles with a fancy label. The single serving bottles look similar to the small bottles of rum or vodka we’re used to seeing but the clearish-yellow liquid is far from it. According to Health Canada the substance called […]