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Alcohol Shops Could Get ID Scanners Soon

A proposal by the Western Australian government could make it harder to purchase alcohol in Western Australia, especially if your name is on the Banned Drinkers Register. The government wants the IDs scanned of everyone buying alcohol in bottle shops and if they are on the register, the cashier will be alerted and they will […]

Sydney Newtown Bars That Everyone’s Flocking to

Every Saturday night bars and pubs around Sydney’s Newtown attract close to 36,500 people and publicans are cashing in on the crowd. According to officials from the City of Sydney, patronage in Newtown has increased by 65 per cent since 2012, mostly due to the tough liquor laws that were introduced in the Kings Cross […]

Young Americans Destroying Their Livers due to Binge Drinking

According to a new study, an increasing number of young people in America are dying from liver disease. Researchers found that both men and women were binge drinking to the extent that liver disease is rapidly increasing in the country. Mortality due to cirrhosis and liver cancer in the United States, 1999-2016: observational study” was […]

Want to Enjoy Beer without Getting a Beer Belly? Read this!

Many people avoid beer because of phrases like “beer belly” or “beer gut” but it actually is possible to drink beer without gaining weight, or more specifically expanding that waist line. According to the experts beer doesn’t contribute any more calorie input that any other food or beverage so knowing how many calories there are […]

How To Keep Hospitality Staff Motivated

In the hospitality industry, it’s usually the chefs that get all the glory but the front of house staff (FOH) are the one’s actually making the chef’s dream a reality by making sure people actually get to enjoy it, so treating them well and keeping them motivated is important. It’s also important for your business, […]

What Happens to Your Body During Dry July

Ever wondered what impact Dry July really has on your body? Although the Dry July Challenge is actually a bid to raise money for cancer, many people are adopting the concept of Dry July to help them control their drinking and to ‘detox’ but is there any value to it? The campaign began in 2008 […]


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