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Why Alcohol and Sport or Exercise Don’t Mix

Having a drink after a game has become common place for most Australians that play sport, even professional athletes. But is this drinking after physical activity good for you? A recent article on TheConversation.com says drinking after exercising is a bad idea, especially very strenuous activity. The writer highlights that high intensity activity such as […]

New Study Shows Moderate Alcohol Really Does Benefit The Heart

Despite conflicting opinions, it appears alcohol really is good for you, as long as it is consumed in moderation. According to a new research from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil the enzyme responsible for making moderate alcohol consumption good for the heard has been identified – ALDH2. The study, in partnership with scientists […]

Trends in Drinking You Can Expect to See This Year

According to The Roy Morgan Alcohol Currency Report, in a 4 week period, 69.3% of Australians drink alcohol. The report revealed that in an average 4 week period Australians drinking trends are as follows, 39.1 per cent drink beer 44.5 per cent consume wine 27.5 per cent drink spirits 13.6 per cent consume cider Unsurprisingly […]

Alcohol Consumption Guidelines Review Called for

University of Queensland drug and alcohol experts have called for the thresholds for safer alcohol to be lowered, following a global alcohol consumption study. The recommendations were made by Wayne Hall and Jason Connor from the university’s Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research. The study was co-authored by more than 100 academics from around the […]

Don’t Drink and Drive or Ride!

A warning for people who drink and drive or those who think they can get around the law by riding their horse instead of driving a car or motorbike while intoxicated. A 51 year old woman was recently arrested by police in Logan, south of Brisbane after allegedly riding her horse to a tavern while […]

More Work Needed to Tackle Alcohol Drownings

Following a Griffith University systematic literature review, there has been a call for high quality research to reduce alcohol related drowning. According to Dr Kyra Hamilton from Griffith’s  Menzies Health Institute Queensland, the statistics are still high despite efforts to address this global public health issue. In Australia we are well aware of the drinking culture […]

9000 Hospitality Jobs to Fill in Brisbane

If you’ve been considering a career or even just a job in the hospitality industry in Brisbane, there’s no better time than now to make your move. It has been predicted that around 9000 new hospitality jobs will be created in Brisbane over the coming years to 2020 and the industry even fears a staffing […]

Hospitality Workers Can Now Join A Digitally Based Union

Hospitality workers who aren’t interested in joining a traditional union, now have another option, a “digital union”. The first digital union, Hospo Voice which is part of the United Voice union offers a range of online tools for workers for just $9.99. Some of the tools include a pay-checking service, a record of their hours […]


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