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Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Lawbreaking Vic Teens

A new plan from Matthew Guy’s Opposition Coalition could see Victorian teenagers who engage in risky behaviour and break the law forced to undergo mandatory residential drug and alcohol treatment by the Children’s Court. Mr Guy believes the plan could help improve community safety with a key service in the plan being post-release care. The […]

Will Booze Destroy Your Diet?

So it’s the 4th month of the year and the diet you started at the beginning of 2018 is going strong but you just can’t stop craving a drink, is this going to crash your diet? Most weight loss programs don’t allow drinking even if its a light gin and tonic with a squeeze of […]

Study Shows Alcohol Can Damage Cells So Drink Wisely

A recent study has shown that alcohol can actually cause permanent damage to cells, so drink wisely. The study helps explain the link between excessive drinking and cancer, proving that alcohol can damage the body’s reserve of stem cells. Researchers found in mice that alcohol caused cancer by scrambling the DNA in cells, resulting in […]

Calls for Health Warning Labels on Alcohol Bottles

According to a study by the National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) at Western Australia’s Curtin University nearly 6000 Australians die each year because of alcohol-related diseases, which is why some groups are pushing for mandatory health warning labels on alcohol bottles. An estimated 5785 people over the age of 15 died from alcohol-related illnesses in […]

This is The Nation’s Best Bartender

The best bartender in the nation has been named after winning the Barcardi Legacy Australia Cocktail Competition. James Irvine from The Swillhouse Group won the competition with his Bocado cocktail last month. Three finalists competed at Darlinghurst’s Eternity Playhouse in front of around 150 people and 3 judges with Irvine emerging victorious. His cocktail was […]

Ways to Not Get Too Drunk

Here’s how to be a “mature” drinker according to Esquire.com Be the first to drink so you can set the tone and opt for a scotch rather than a Jaegerbomb. It’s not a competition, don’t try to “outdrink” your friends. Remember this saying “better a wasted drink than a wasted drinker”. Count your drinks and […]

Small Amounts of Alcohol Could Prolong Your Life

Having a cocktail now and then may actually be the secret to a long life. A study by researchers at the University of California carried out over the past 15 years, found that people who drank approximately 2 glasses of beer or wine a day were 18 per cent less likely to experience a premature […]