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Try These “Healthy” Alcoholic Mixed Drinks

These drinks are so low in calories, they’re practically good for you. Champagne Cocktail A glass of champagne is only 85 calories. Add fresh fruits for added flavor and nutrition. For a champagne cocktail, add a splash of your favorite fruit-flavored vodka and coordinating fruit or fruit juice. Sour Apple Pear Martini This drink is […]

NZ Alcoholic Couple Neglects Children

The consequences of alcoholism has been highlighted by an incident which happened in New Zealand recently, the incident highlights the importance of Responsible Service of Alcohol because RSA staff play an important role in denying alcohol to people who demonstrate a drinking problem – to avoid incidents such as this one. A NZ couple reportedly […]

Perth Restaurant Liquor Licences Could Ease

Perth restaurants may soon be allowed to serve alcohol without food if Premier Colin Barnett keeps his pledge to end restrictions that prevent bar patrons from carrying their own drink from a licenced zone to an alfresco area. Barnett also wants restaurants with less than 120 people to responsibly serve alcohol to seated patrons without […]

Best Way to Get Employed in a Night Spot

Any person wishing to obtain employment in the nightclub industry must first undergo responsible service of alcohol training. All bar staff, managers and licensees must be formally trained in responsible service of alcohol in order to keep the laws that govern the sale of alcohol to customers. The consequences of serving unduly intoxicated patrons can […]

Pub Staff and Patrons Fight to Keep Pub Open

Liquor authorities recently suspended the licence of 2 popular Subiaco night spots after police lodged a complaint against the 2 bars which operate under the same licence at the same property. The action has left around 50 staff in limbo as the venues that employ them face an uncertain future, so do they. Police requested […]

Responsible Service Of Alcohol

Your RSA certificate is awarded upon the successful completion of this course and is more than a license to perform behind a bar. Abilities learned in the course of the RSA coaching are critical resources of the trade and train best practices. Several state and territory liquor authorities have announced their introduction of obligatory RSA […]