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Where Can I Serve Alcohol When I Get My RSA Certificate?

So you’ve gone online and got your RSA certificate, and you are ready to choose somewhere to apply to, well… There are so many different places to apply for, and you really have to base it on your personality. Are you outgoing? Are your more subtle and classy? Do you love sports? These all classify […]

Learning About Beer

There are a lot of different and unique types of beer that you should try or at least learn about. One of these is Hoegaarden, and you can learn about this type of beer in the video below! As you can see it is not your average beer, and these kinds of beer can really hit […]

Some Good Places To Look For Alcohol Blogs!

  It can sometimes be hard to look for useful information on alcohol and drinking it, and while the Responsible Service Of Alcohol Onlinecourse will give you information on the safety side of drinking it, you might want some more information on other aspects of the culture. So to point you in the right direction […]

A Few Reviews of Beer!

Beer is an interesting alcohol, it is highly subject to taste in the sense that some people love it and others hate it with a passion. But for all those who do actually like beer, it can be a picky process when you are choosing what to pick up from the liquor store, and you […]

How NOT to Act in a Bar!

There are a lot of things that you should not be doing in a bar, but hey, it’s hard to control yourself when you have had a bit too much isn’t it. The RSA Course works to prevent this kind of behavior, but in case this is you, make sure you work on preventing this […]


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