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Call for MPs to Stick to alcohol code of Conduct

Since the debacle involving a drunken MP there have been calls for an alcohol code of conduct for MPs. The issue revolves around Finance Minister Greg Pearce who was recently warned by NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell that he would be sacked if he was found drunk during parliamentary debates, whether during the day or night. […]

6 Die in Iran from Homemade Alcohol

Yet another 6 people have lost their lives after drinking home-made alcohol. This time 4 Iranians died in Southern Iran and another 298 people were poisoned. Nine of the people poisoned are now in a coma and have lost their vision and an additional 100 are on dialysis after drinking the home-made concoction last week. […]

America Urged to Cut Limit on Alcohol for Drivers

A debate is raging in The United States about whether or not to lower the legal alcohol limit for drivers following a surge in road deaths caused by drink driving. According to an article on The New York Times website, thousands of people are killed on American roads each year by car crashes caused by […]

Push To Tackle Alcohol-Related Violence in Sydney

According to an article on Abc.net.au Sydney’s late night emergency services personnel have urged authorities to close all pubs and clubs in the state at 3am. According to the NSW Police Association president, all current methods of tackling alcohol fuelled violence have failed if the number of emergency call outs and people being arrested are […]

Police Commissioner Calls for Ban on Alcohol Advertising

There seems to be growing support for the banning of alcohol advertising during live sporting broadcasts in Western Australia. The Police Commissioner, Karl O’Callaghan has urged Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to consider banning alcohol advertising during live sporting broadcasts. According to Abbott, alcohol advertisements are just as damaging to children as gambling advertisements and betting […]