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Adjustments to Beer and Spirit Excise

Responsible Service of Alcohol staff should be aware of changes to the beer and spirit excise which has been announced by the federal government recently. The federal government announced over the weekend that its’ half yearly increase on duty rates for alcoholic excisable goods would include an increase in beer and spirit excise as well […]

Fears that Non-violent Venues Unfairly Penalised by New Laws

I recently came across an article on Smh.com.au which discussed the so-called ‘epidemic’ of alcohol fuelled misconduct and assaults in particular. The writer of the post questioned the validity of calling the problem an epidemic, providing statistics from an independent report into the 5 year statutory review of liquor laws. According to the report there […]

Sydney Panel to make Suggestions on State’s Nightlife

Sydney will hopefully become less violence infested since the foundation of a panel to make suggestions on issues affecting Sydney’s nightlife has been announced. The jury of more than 40 citizens is going to be empanelled with the task of tackling the issue of alcohol fuelled violence plaguing Sydney’s streets. The panel is a joint […]

Why so many road crashes are caused by Alcohol

It seems that drink driving is one of those problems that is universal, no matter where you go in the world you will probably find drink drivers, in some places the problem may be worse than in others. Recently in New Zealand a woman was killed in an early morning crash which left another 3 […]

Parents Supplying Teens with Alcohol under NSW Laws

An article on Illawarra Mercury’s website recently discussed the NSW law which allows parents to supply alcohol to their children and supply alcohol to the children’s friends with their parent’s permission. Under the current law in the state, parents can provide alcohol to the kids and authorise other adults to give their children alcohol. A […]

Skills Shortage Drives Up Pub Salaries

Even more good news for those looking for a new job or just wanting a change in careers, according to reports a skills shortage in the hospitality sector has driven up pub salaries – even more incentive to enter this exciting industry. But if you are contemplating switching to the hospitality sector, you will first […]

Statistics Show Anti-Violence Measures Working

Good news recently emerged about the number of violent incidents occurring at venues in NSW. According to BOCSAR (NSW Bureau of Statistics, Crime and Research) figures there has been a significant reduction in violence in venues, a fact that the industry attributed to better preventative practices. The number of assaults happening on licenced premises apparently […]

Parents Beware of Giving Alcohol to your Kids

Alarmingly research in Australia has revealed that most teenagers who drink aren’t buying their own alcohol but are most often being given alcohol by their parents. Parents may believe that giving alcohol to teens is a way of actually keeping them out of trouble by encouraging them to drink in their presence rather than behind […]