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RSA Update on Wine

Are there benefits to Wine drinking?   There has long been raging a debate as to whether or not wine presents any benefit to the health of its drinkers. Certainly a good argument has been that In ancient times when wine was the alcohol of choice people lived longer and healthier lives. In countries where […]

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update:

10 Priciest Wines Named   An interesting post this week named the top 10 priciest wines that we would all love to get our hands on but most probably never will. For those that can, these are the kinds of wines that experienced wine drinkers and collectors would love to have aging in their cellar.  […]

Responsible Service of Alcohol Update : Police Chief Advocates Ban On Alcohol Advertising

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has cited the lack of regulation of alcohol purchases as a contributing factor to the stubbornly high volume of domestic violence cases.  The link between bottle store purchases and domestic violence has led the commissioner to advocate among other possibilities, the idea of limiting alcohol advertising on television to after 8:30pm. […]

Learning About Beer

There are a lot of different and unique types of beer that you should try or at least learn about. One of these is Hoegaarden, and you can learn about this type of beer in the video below! As you can see it is not your average beer, and these kinds of beer can really hit […]

How To Make Jelly Shots

Jelly Shots can be just the kind of fun that your party needs, so check out how to make them as they are a sweet alternative to making ordinary shots, and are an interesting/different idea. The RSA course online teaches you to serve shots like these responsibly in a bar or a restaurant, so you […]

Upselling – Responsible Service Of Alcohol

Can you upsell and have Responsible Service Of Alcohol? Management loves the upsale. Upselling is when a customer orders a drink and you talk them into the higher end alcohol, instead of low end or house. If this is a strategy at your bar then you need to make sure it will also meet the […]


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