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Drinking? When is Enough, Enough?

So everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous, but still we find numerous cases of people causing crashes because they are drinking. So why are people still drinking and driving as if they are oblivious to its effects? All alcohol you consume is absorbed into your blood stream. So here are a few facts […]

How to Choose Wine for Dummies

While most people that try to approach wine tasting fell overwhelmed at first, choosing a wine need not be a backbreaking task.   With all the information out there on how to select “the perfect wine”, how to “smell wine”, which wine goes with what food etc. it can be very confusing which is why […]

Minimum pricing would floor pubs: AHA

The Australian National Preventative Health Agency has proposed new national minimum alcohol pricing in an attempt to combat the social problems associated with alcohol abuse.   The Australian Hotels Association has opposed the idea, which they believe will have a negative effect on moderate drinkers rather than discouraging those who abuse it. Those who are […]

Spirit Demands at all time high according to Reports

According to a British publication the demand for premium spirits has increased recently. The biggest growth was seen in the whisky and cognac industries. Drinkers seem to be developing what they may perceive as a more sophisticated palette as their preference for premium spirits grows.   Good news for bartenders and mixologists is that research […]

Pub Violence Prevalent in Popular Sydney Party District

There seems to be an increase in the pub violence occurring in the Kings Cross district of Sydney. But licensees are insisting that they are not to blame, calling for authorities to act to decrease the prevalence of violence in the area.   Although establishments have a responsibility in how they serve alcohol, establishments insist […]

Alcohol Counsellor involved in Drunken Car Crash

Counsellors are people who are most often looked up to in a community, there as role models to the youth, however that was not the case in a recent incident involving a former drug and alcohol counsellor.   The counsellor tested three times over the legal blood alcohol limit when he crashed into 3 parked […]

RSA Update: Serving Alcohol to Underage Customers

An interesting and shocking statistic recently revealed that 90% of Australian youth had tried alcohol by the age of 14.  The risk of serving alcohol to underage drinkers goes far beyond the legal ramifications for the server. Alcohol consumption by teenagers can have dangerous and far reaching consequences.    Under Responsible Service of Alcohol law […]

RSA Update: Sporting Leagues in Alcohol Sponsorship Debates

The recent decision by many leading sporting organisations to drop their alcohol sponsors has opened up the debate of whether sporting teams should endorse alcohol.   Although alcohol sponsors provide valuable funding to many sporting teams, government feels it is sending the wrong message, as many of the sports teams represented are health conscious sportspeople […]

RSA Update: Moderate Drinking Good for the Bones

 Reports detailing the benefits of moderate alcohol intake for the bones has been doing the rounds this week on the internet. It has been instigated by a finding by academics who claim to have assessed alcohols impact on bone regeneration in women who have gone through menopause. Moderate drinking has now been hailed as the […]

Sydney Bartender Nabs World Title

Accolades have been piling on for Sydney bartender Tim Phillips who has be named the top bartender in the world. Phillips, who represented Oz for the second time won the contest which was held in Brazil last week. Last year he didn’t make the top 5, but this year he has taken top honours, putting […]


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