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Darwin’s Compulsory Rehab Patients may Face Jail

The controversial mandatory alcohol rehabilitation program in the Northern Territory will be housed in the low security wing of Darwin’s Berrimah prison. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Minister, Robyn Lambley and Correctional Services Minister, John Elferink recently announced that the Darwin Alcohol Treatment Service which has suffered some security issues recently with patients escaping, will be moved […]

Article Posts for Week Ending September 28,2012

Here is a list of the articles posted on our blog this last week: Prosecutions for Underage Drinking New Coffee Flavoured Vodka Study Shows Alcohol is the Gateway Drug Responsible Alcohol Service Update: Learn how to recognise Signs of Intoxication Dangers of Drink Driving Should Nursing Mothers be Drinking? RSA Update: Beware of Binge Drinking

Alcohol and Sports. Do they mix?

So with the Olympics on everybody’s minds it crossed my mind, should athletes be drinking? It’s obvious that alcohol has an effect on ones performance while intoxicated or hung over, but are there lasting effects that could jeopardise an athlete’s ability to perform optimally in the long run.   In addition to waking up with […]

Wine Appreciation News

Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards was recently held with The Royal Mail Hotel scooping top honours. The hotel in Dunkeld in Western Victoria was found to possess the country’s best wine list. The competition was judged by a panel of 28 judges, many of which described the hotels wine list as “Exemplary”.   […]

How to Identify Alcohol Abuse

All too often we hear of friends or relatives who are abusing alcohol. What exactly is alcoholism or alcohol addiction and is it really that dangerous?   Most simply put alcoholism is a compulsive need to consume an intoxicating liquid that is obtained from fermented grain or fruit. These intoxicated liquids include beer, wine, and […]

Study Proves Alcohol Has Different Effects in Men and Women

A new study by The Boston University School of Medicine has confirmed that alcohol affects males and females differently. According to the new study the effects of alcohol abuse have differing effects on the white matter of the brain.   Previous studies showed a link between alcoholism and white matter reduction and this new study […]

$100K Prize Up for Bartenders

An amazing competition has been announced by Diageo who will be sponsoring the $100,000 prize for the best bartender. The 2013 World Class competition winner will then represent Oz in the global competition. Part of the prize also includes mentorship from experts in the industry who will assist the winner in opening his/her own bar. […]

Tips to being a Better Bar Manager

I found this really cool post on Hospitalitymagazine.com that identified 10 ways for bar managers to increase their skills and hopefully their success in these difficult times.   Only too often do bar managers become complacent in their jobs but the article suggests that just like baristas and chefs need to constantly improve and keep […]

Alcohol Combined with Video Games Dangerous to Youth

Experts have recently come out in criticism against violent video games which they feel are desensitizing young people to violence, alcohol and generally unacceptable and aggressive behaviour.  A psychologist has recently identified the playing of these violent games combined with alcohol consumption as a deadly combination that the adolescent brain cannot logically process.  The psychologist […]

Qantas Pilot Attempts to Fly Intoxicated

I came across an article recently which I found interesting and thought was worth sharing. We so often hear of drivers drinking and driving and the damages they cause, but we seldom hear of airplane pilots drinking and flying.   While airplane pilots, like truck and bus drivers have a lower legal Blood alcohol limit […]


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