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New Drink Driving Rules in NSW

NSW has introduced tough new drink-driving laws which will result in people caught driving over the alcohol limit to have their licence immediately suspended. Transport and Roads Minister Andrew Constance recently announced the new penalties for any driver, even if they are a first time offender or low-range offender. Offending drivers will receive an immediate […]

Next Day Drinking Anxiety and Why it Hits

Is your day-after-drinking hangover usually accompanied by feelings of anxiety, if so you’re not alone. According to a professor from Curtin University, Professor Nicole Lee, drinking disrupts the chemicals in your brain. When we drink we have a surge of dopamine which is the feel-good neurotransmitter. But the next day all our chemicals and hormones […]

Summer Responsible Alcohol Consumption Warning

Australians are being reminded to be responsible when drinking this summer especially given the mix of holidays, celebrations, hot weather and in many cases the beach, pool or some other body of water. While Australia’s alcohol consumption rates are declining, especially among the youth, older Australians are continuing to drink at high levels and put […]

Don’t Drink and Drive or Ride!

A warning for people who drink and drive or those who think they can get around the law by riding their horse instead of driving a car or motorbike while intoxicated. A 51 year old woman was recently arrested by police in Logan, south of Brisbane after allegedly riding her horse to a tavern while […]

Ways to Not Get Too Drunk

Here’s how to be a “mature” drinker according to Esquire.com Be the first to drink so you can set the tone and opt for a scotch rather than a Jaegerbomb. It’s not a competition, don’t try to “outdrink” your friends. Remember this saying “better a wasted drink than a wasted drinker”. Count your drinks and […]

Guide To Responsible Drinking

Don’t let your New Year’s celebrations get out of hand or it may be the last one you’ll see. While food, drinking and fun in the sun are Australian traditions around this time of year, we don’t need to use it as an excuse to indulge too much, especially in alcohol. Let’s keep in mind […]

Tips for Responsible Drinking

Practicing responsible drinking is the only way to enjoy alcohol, binge drinking on the other hand leaves behind negative effects that can be felt long after the “buzz” has worn off. It is important that drinkers learn about the ways to keep their alcohol intake in check and learn how to drink responsibly. Being a […]

Risks Involved with Drink Driving

One of the aspects of responsible drinking is ensuring that you arrange safe transport home and do not engage in drink driving. Although most people think they can handle driving after a few drinks, countless studies (and statistics) have proven that alcohol reduces a person’s ability to drive safely. Even those who show few visible […]