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Mother Discovered Secret to Removing Red Wine Stains

Ever wondered what’s the key to getting a dreaded red wine stain out, afterall they are notoriously difficult to get rid of whether on your favourite top or the carpet. There’s a woman who believes she found the cure, having shared the hack on the Facebook group ‘Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It’. The cure […]

Berliners Summer Trend Includes Iced Alcohol Cocktail

Although Summer is a couple seasons away we could take a leaf out of the Germans’ book. Although Germans are known for their beer drinking, people in Berlin are apparently turning to frozen cocktails to stay cool in the heat. If you’d like to give a ‘poptail’ a try, here’s how to make them using […]

Why All The Fuss Around Rose Wines?

A wine expert in the hospitality industry discusses why Rose has become such a popular tipple these days. Given the refreshing nature of Rose, it should come as no surprise that the wine is a favourite of the moment, especially in the Australian summer. But that can’t be the only reason Rose has grown in […]

Is Red Wine Consumption Really That Good for You?

This is a question that many health conscious drinkers have been pondering and a number of studies have been carried out on the subject. Ultimately it appears that moderate red wine consumption (ie. one glass a day) can have numerous health benefits, mainly due to its high content of powerful antioxidants but excessive consumption can have the […]

Benefits of Red Wine

(Photo: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net) It has often been wondered why people in the Mediterranean seem to live longer and healthier lives than many of their counterparts around the world.  The answer may just lie in what they drink rather than just genetics. A number of studies have been documented which highlight the health benefits of […]