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Melbourne gets ‘secret’ Schweppes Bar

Bar Schweppes opened last month in Melbourne and is in its last week. The location was kept a closely guarded secret and those that have booked, had the location revealed to them on the day of their booking. According to a post on TheShout.com, the bar is managed by the team at Tommy Collins (Hawk […]

Sydney’s Inner West Gets Bar Boost

The Leichhardt Council has proposed changes that will make opening up a venue in the Sydney’s inner west area easier and cost less. The plan is aimed at boosting activity and building the night time economy according to the council. With the area already being a popular restaurant destination the council hopes to attract more […]

SA Government Launches Liquor Discussion Paper

A licensing discussion paper launched by The South Australian government will investigate among other issues, whether alcohol should be sold at supermarkets. The paper was launched in an attempt to increase consumer focus and address red tape within the state’s liquor licensing framework. The discussion paper will focus on 3 main issues, maintaining a safe […]

Peak Bodies Call for 1am Lockout in Canberra

Alcohol-fuelled assaults have prompted calls for a 1am nightclub lockout in Canberra. The ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance representing 47 organisations have called on the ACT government to introduce a 1am lockout policy at bars and nightclubs inCanberra Canberra’s emergency departments have recorded a 35 per cent increase in intoxication cases and a 24 percent increase in […]

Research Shows Food, not Alcohol Driving Pub Visits

Roy Morgan research shows that most of the Australians visiting pubs are going for a meal rather than just a drink. Pub owners should be pleased because this is good for business. According to the research, in the 12 months to June 2015, 43 per cent of Australians over the legal drinking age visited a pub or […]

Government Crackdown on Alcohol Promotions

Authorities in NSW are concered about what they deem as “dangerous” alcohol promotions. Officials say they are honing in on dangerous promotions and giant martinis and alcohol laden lollies are the latest on their radar. The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing released a list of reckless alcohol promotions for the last financial year. Of the […]

Worries about Brisbane Vapour Alcohol Bar

With health experts condemning it, a Brisbane show director has defended the vapour cloud bar where guests absorb alcohol through their eyes and lungs. We first heard of the concept when it began in London but it recently made its way to our shores as part of the Fear & Delight dinner and stage show at […]

Levitating Cocktail Takes Bartender to Diageo final

A bartender from Melbourne’s Boilermaker House, Jack Sotti has just made the finals of the Diageo Reserve World Class Global Competition. Sotti made it into the top six with a levitating cocktail. The competition held in Cape Town began with 54 bartenders who have now been narrowed down to just 6. Read more at http://www.hospitalitymagazine.com.au/beverage/australian-bartender-makes-diageo-final-with-levit  

Breathe in Alcohol at Brisbane Bar

A bar where you literally breathe in alcohol has been launched in Brisbane. A Brisbane bar is the first in Australia following success of the concept in London. The alcohol cloud allows patrons to breathe in alcohol instead of drinking it as usual. It also apparently prevents a hangover. The bar, called Alcoholic Architecture was set […]


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