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Summer Responsible Alcohol Consumption Warning

Australians are being reminded to be responsible when drinking this summer especially given the mix of holidays, celebrations, hot weather and in many cases the beach, pool or some other body of water. While Australia’s alcohol consumption rates are declining, especially among the youth, older Australians are continuing to drink at high levels and put […]

Moderate Drinking the Drinks Buzzword for Generation Z

According to reports, Australians are drinking less alcohol than they have at any time over the past 50 years because many are becoming more conscious of their health, fitness and well-being. This shift has prompted a re-think of the product development departments of major alcoholic beverages companies particularly given that millenials have become so accustomed […]

Brits Drinking at Home are Landing up in Hospital

According to British newspaper, Mirror.co.uk more than 50 people daily are treated in hospital for alcohol related liver disease in The UK due to drinking at home. The alarming figures show that the number of patients in England has risen by 57 per cent over the past 12 years. According to the figures 20,751 people […]

Moderate Drinking May be Good for Your Heart

A new study published in the journal BMC Medicine found that moderate drinking may lower risk of heart disease. The finding was more pronounced in people who consumed alcohol moderately in a consistent way, as compared to people who had unstable drinking patterns who were more likely to suffer coronary heart disease. The researchers examined […]

Want to Enjoy Beer without Getting a Beer Belly? Read this!

Many people avoid beer because of phrases like “beer belly” or “beer gut” but it actually is possible to drink beer without gaining weight, or more specifically expanding that waist line. According to the experts beer doesn’t contribute any more calorie input that any other food or beverage so knowing how many calories there are […]

Don’t Drink and Drive or Ride!

A warning for people who drink and drive or those who think they can get around the law by riding their horse instead of driving a car or motorbike while intoxicated. A 51 year old woman was recently arrested by police in Logan, south of Brisbane after allegedly riding her horse to a tavern while […]

Research Shows Why Detoxes and Cleanses Don’t Work

According to a post on HuffingtonPost.com.au detoxes aren’t just ineffective, they can be dangerous. The article cited research by Alexandra Parker and Anna Debenham, accredited practicing dietitians, says that our bodies do a good job of detoxing themselves, so we don’t need to help our bodies out by giving up certain food and drink or […]

Revisiting the Benefits of Moderate Drinking

An article on Abc.net.au recently discussed the benefits of drinking alcohol in moderation, something that we have always advocated. While it’s true that excessive alcohol consumption can be extremely detrimental to your health both in the short and long term, moderate and responsible consumption can be good for your health and wellbeing. With a lot […]