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Avoid Heavy Fines- don’t serve alcohol to teens

One person has been charged with providing alcohol to a minor in WA in the first year of the state government’s secondary supply laws. An awareness campaign has been urged to educate minors and suppliers about the risks of underage drinking. Secondary supply laws carry a maximum penalty of $10,000 for anyone supplying alcohol to […]

Is It Acceptable to Serve Alcohol to Teenagers?

In Australia parents are the most common providers of alcohol to teenagers, which once again highlights the question, is it ever OK to give alcohol to teenagers? As a server of alcohol the answer is always NO. Serving alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 in Australia is illegal and could result in serious […]

WA Parents, beware of Serving alcohol to Minors

Now more than ever it seems young people in WA are being faced with alcohol related problems stemming from binge drinking. Teenagers are drinking with the intent to get drunk and are starting at an even younger age than ever before. We are living in a society where young people have more freedom than ever […]