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Study Says James Bond was an Alcoholic

James Bonds may be known for his inability to die but if he were a real life person he would have died from some alcohol related disease by now. According to a new study out of New Zealand, James Bond has a serious drinking problem. Scientists have found that not only was James Bond ready […]

French Martini cocktail

Here’s a cool French Martini cocktail recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube that you can make for your friends. This cocktail is so simple yet it has such has a serious “wow” factor, and it’s delicious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkLHnKKCP18  

Bacardi Martini Australia launched

Bacardi Martini Australia is now totally owned, subsidiary of the global Bacardi group and a post on TheShout.com.au detailed exactly what this means. On the outside it appears that little has changed for the largest family owned spirits company in the world, but behind the scenes there will be changes. The company says they are […]

You Can Include Alcohol in your diet

A recent article on the WashingtonPost.com blog highlighted some healthy drinking habits. The article provided some advice for drinkers such as watching out for sugar content in mixed drinks, as a drink mixed with soda water and lemon is better for your health than a sweeter drink. Another important tip is to drink alot of […]