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A Cure to The Hangover May Finally Be Here

Although a lot of people enjoy a tipple every now and then many people are deterred from drinking alcohol because of the hangover the next day. For some people all it takes is one drink to develop a throbbing headache or other hangover related symptoms. There may help in sight. A chemical engineering  professor and […]

Simple Rainbow Cocktail

Rainbow cocktails are all the rage but you wouldn’t have any idea how easy they are to make, given how beautiful they look. In this video you’ll learn how to make a simple but delicious Rainbow Cocktail.

Alcohol and Drug Induced Violence against Paramedics Grows

New South Wales paramedics are being subjected to verbal and physical abuse at the hands of alcohol and drug affected people while on duty, and many are now admitting the threat of violence is just part of the territory. At least sixty times this year, paramedics have been assaulted, verbally and physically, the New South […]

Hoteliers Criticise Pokie Player Alcohol Ban in Tasmania

Hoteliers have criticised the alcohol ban placed on pokie players in Tasmania, dubbing the new restrictions as restrictive and harsh. The review of the Responsible Gambling Mandatory Code of Practice for Tasmania came into effect on May 1st. Customers in pubs will no longer be served alcohol if they are playing, seated or standing at […]

Australia’s Risky Drinking Habits Reveal

It’s official, The ACT is the healthiest state in Australia. According to a report based on 2011 data, alcohol and illicit drugs are the cause of one in 20 deaths in Australia. The new analysis by The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that men are twice as likely to suffer health consequences as […]


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