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This Cocktail Makes Gin The Star

Gin use to be known as a grandma’s drink but recently it has become popular again with a number of pubs and bars even offering artisan and specialist gins. Gin is a low calorie wonder, so if you’re watching your weight, opt for this spirit, just don’t drink it neat. Here’s an awesome cocktail to […]

This is Our Nation’s Favourite Liqueur

Roy Morgan research has revealed that women really like their liqueurs, even more so than men. Research shows that Australian adults drink at least one liqueur in any given weeks, and in particular Australians love Baileys Irish Cream, enjoyed by 574,000 adults in that time. The following liqueurs are also popular, Baileys – 574,000 in […]

Storage Mishaps Result in 280,000 Litres of Wasted Wine

There are 280,000 litres of wasted wine is at the centre of a million dollar Supreme Court dispute. Can you imagine 280,000 litres of wine literally being thrown down the drain? That is exactly what happened at a Riverland storage facility. Accolade Wines is seeking $789,669 plus costs from family-owned SA winemaker Kingston Estate and […]


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