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Watch As People Try To Solve A Riddle While Intoxicated

If you doubt the power of alcohol to affect your thinking ability, you may want to watch this video. In the latest Buzzfeed video, we test whether drunk people can solve a riddle. Although the results are hilarious, the message is a serious one – drinking, especially excessively, affects our rational thought, so drink responsibly […]

Drunk People Making Up IKEA Furniture in this Buzzfeed video

If you’ve ever doubted alcohol’s ability of to alter your behavior or more precisely negatively affect our stability and coherency, you may want to watch this video of drunk people trying to assemble IKEA furniture. Although the video is somewhat funny, it highlights the importance of drinking moderately and never getting behind the wheel of […]

Police Issue Fines to Intoxicated Revellers

Three drinkers appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court last week on drunk and disorderly charges  after they were involved in a disturbance on June 12th at The Jockey Club. The drinkers argued with staff and refused to leave when staff refused to serve them anymore alcohol. The RSA course is crucial to those serving alcohol because it […]

Decrease in Alcohol Related Incidents on Adelaide Buses

According to a report on Adelaidenow.com.au the instances of drunk passengers causing disturbances on public buses is quite a common occurrence. The post on Adelaidenow.com.au quoted statistics from Transfield Services which revealed that drunk passengers and those drinking alcohol were responsible for almost half of the incidents on buses travelling on 2 of Adelaide’s busiest […]