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Difficulty Finding Hospitality Staff – This App May Help

A new app called Squaddle aims to solve the hospitality industry’s staffing needs. The app was created by 2 Perth IT practitioners after 18 months of development. The platform has already attracted around 400 contractors and venues. The process is simple, businesses advertise a job which contractors then quote for. The invoicing and payments are […]

New WA Law to Slash Cops Booze Powers

In Western Australian, the Police Commissioner has the power to intervene in liquor licence applications if he believes granting the application would contribute to crime and violence – these are the laws the state government is considering amending, which would take away these powers from the police commissioner. Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan has intervened in […]

Hospitality Confidence Increases

According to the latest quarterly Sensis Business Index, Australian small and medium business confidence is at its highest point for over six years. Confidence is also increasing in the hospitality sector with positive capital expenditure up 17 per cent in the last quarter. The year ahead is looking positive for the hospitality sector. Not only […]

Cool App Helps Venues Split Bills

If you’ve ever been stuck with the bill by your friends after a meal, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a new app that will make sure everyone pays their share after a meal. The new app will be used in over 200 venues across Australia to allow patrons to split their bill easily. […]

Youth on Gold Coast Urged to Join Hospitality Sector

With more than 60 vacant trainee and apprentice chefs positions open on the Gold Coast, young people are being urged to look into a career in the hospitality sector. There is currently a skills shortage in this sector and as the summer and Christmas rush approaches, the shortages are expected to worsen. With youth unemployment […]

BOSCAR Shows On-Premises Assaults Down on Central Coast

According to data from BOCSAR (The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research), assault rates in licensed premises on the New South Wales Central Coast have more than halved since 2008, a result the AHA NSW accredits to the efforts by hoteliers, police and local community. In the Gosford Local Government Area (LGA), assaults are down by […]

Adding Smokiness to Your Cocktails

To add another dimension of flavour to your cocktails and take the taste to the next level, why not add a hint of smokiness to enhance the drink? Here’s how. Add smoke with spirits The writer of the DrinkStraightUp.com blog suggests rinsing a glass in a scotch such as Compass Box’s The Peat Monster, or popular […]