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Research Shows Why Detoxes and Cleanses Don’t Work

According to a post on HuffingtonPost.com.au detoxes aren’t just ineffective, they can be dangerous. The article cited research by Alexandra Parker and Anna Debenham, accredited practicing dietitians, says that our bodies do a good job of detoxing themselves, so we don’t need to help our bodies out by giving up certain food and drink or […]

Are Women More likely to Suffer from Alcohol Blues?

It is generally accepted that women are the more emotional sex but now research shows that they may be more emotional drinkers as well. According to research conducted at the University of Southern Denmark, there are happy drinkers, miserable drinkers, tearful drinkers and even angry drinkers. And it could all be determined by your gender. […]

Liquor News: Danger of Home-brews

Calls for a Review of Laws Relating to Home-Distilled Alcohol and Public Health Warning Issued A public health warning has been issued about the dangers of drinking home-made spirits, which often contains dangerous amounts of methanol which can prove fatal. According to media reports, the Tasmanian Government has said it is considering changes to laws […]