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Probiotic Drink Could Prevent Hangovers

Drinkers searching for a hangover cure may soon have a solution that actually works. A scientist from Silicon Valley claims to have discovered a cure to the hangover, a genetically engineered probiotic drink. The 35 year old from San Francisco spent a year in a lab developing a prototype of the hangover cure which he […]

Why We Get Hangovers?

Ever wondered why we go so quickly from that euphoric feeling when we’re drinking to that horrible feeling when you’ve had too much? Why exactly do we get hangovers sometimes when we drink and not others? Let’s watch this video to learn more,

Does The Colour Of Alcohol Effect My Hangover?

It is possible that the colour of the alcohol could make a difference to your hang over. Red wine and dark spirits may contain by products from the fermenting process. These byproducts are called “congeners,”. Congers are complex organic molecules with toxic effects. These include things like acetone, fusel oil, tannins, acetaldehyde,  and furfural. For […]