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Did You Know You Could Be Allergic To Alcohol

Do you frequently experience adverse effects to alcohol? It may be more than a hangover, you may actually be having an allergic reaction. You should see an allergist or your doctor if you suspect you may be allergic  to anything but experts have discovered a few common symptoms to look out for for alcohol allergies […]

The Low Down on Synthetic Alcohol

The latest in alcohol developments is the hangover-free synthetic alcohol called “alcosynth”. The new alcohol has been developed by a British neuroscientist, David Nutt who believes the invention will save lives. Mr Nutt believes that alcosynth is 100 times more safe than alcohol and is practically calorie free. Much of the reason synthetic alcohol may […]

This is Why Some Drinks Make Your More Hungover

We all know hangovers are the worst, and we all do our best to avoid them, drink alot of water, eat before we drink, drink moderately but it still seems some tipples cause a worse hangover than others. Not all hangovers are created equal and in fact some make you a little miserable while others […]

Bartenders Hangover Cure

They may not be experts on the human body, but my guess is these guys have had their fair share of experience with hangovers, so their hangover cures must be the best. Watch this video and then give these a try.    

Bloody Mary Gets A Makeover

A bloody mary is probably one of the only alcoholic drinks you can order fairly early in the day without get a look of surprise and judgement from your server, but they can become boring. A video I found recently gave me some cool ideas about how to transform the old bloody mary. It may be […]