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Hangover Free Alcohol to Hit The Shelves Soon

Hangover free alcohol could be closer than you think. The synthetic alcohol called Alcarelle was created by UK researcher Professor David Nutt and has received interest from investors. The product gives the same buzzed feeling as alcohol but without any of the negative health impacts or subsequent hangovers. The creators say the drink could be […]

How Your Body Reacts When You Give Up Alcohol

If you’ve noticed your drinking getting out of control, you may want to consider refraining, at least for a little while. If you do, here are some of the changes in your body that you can expect to see: Mental Effects – According to Dr. Duy Nguyen, a psychiatrist at Beachway Therapy in Florida, by […]

Beware when Walking Drunk

We’ve all heard of the risks of driving drunk and it’s something we would never think of doing because the risks are obvious but did you know walking while drunk can be just as bad. According to data obtained by RACQ from the Queensland Police, 63 pedestrians who were alcohol impaired were killed in crashes […]

Why Some Drinks Make Hangovers Worse

We’ve all experienced it, that one alcoholic beverage that seems to make us feel more “hungover” than others. But why is that? Ultimately a hangover is caused by dehydration, so drinking plenty of water before, after and in between each alcoholic beverage is the key to avoidance. However this isn’t always possible.So what drinks should […]

What To Do To Sober Up Quick

Did you have an unexpected night out with friends and need to sober up for that important meeting quick? Here’s our top tips for sobering up fast. 1. Drink water. You’ve heard it a million times before but water really does help. Remember alcohol dehydrates you and that’s one of the reasons for the hangover. […]

A Cure to The Hangover May Finally Be Here

Although a lot of people enjoy a tipple every now and then many people are deterred from drinking alcohol because of the hangover the next day. For some people all it takes is one drink to develop a throbbing headache or other hangover related symptoms. There may help in sight. A chemical engineering  professor and […]

A Guide to Hangover Cures

There is so much debate around which hangover cures are best, which ones work and which one’s are just old wives tales. In our opinion the best cure is prevention, so drink in moderation and alternate one alcoholic drink with one glass of water and you can probably avoid getting a hangover altogether. If this […]

Should You Line Your Stomach Before Drinking?

There are many theories about whether or not lining your stomach before a  night out will help you avoid a hangover, but is it true. Some people opt for milk while some Mediterranean countries opt for a spoon full of olive oil but are these real remedies or simply myths? Scientists say lining your stomach […]

4 Things That Can Help You Fight a Hangover

If you find yourself in a constant state of hangover over the festive season, here are some tips to help you get through it. Hangover symptoms and severity differ from person to person and depending on the extent of dehydration. Drinking too much can cause weight gain and acne breakouts, so stick to the maximum […]

The Worst Hangover Cure, Courtesy of Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has the strangest ever cure for a hangover which he says is “fail-safe”, particularly useful over the festive season. His cure, four tablespoons of brandy with four tablespoons of port, throw in some milk, a few egg yolks, and — if I was in a festive mood — some nutmeg. The second I […]